Twinstiq Game Club Plays: Loom

Welcome to Twinstiq's Game club, where we each nominate a game and then - as a team - play the game to completion, talking about it in a little weekly podcast on a Saturday.

Right now, we are playing Loom.

If you plan to play along

Go get Loom from GOG.  The GOG version is a little better put together than the Steam version [more than likely] - this will be the version most of the team plays, too, so you will be seeing everything they are seeing.

We want these games to be somewhat accessible, so you will never have to spend too much money to join us.  Loom - currently - costs $6.

Next, you'll want to listen to the audio drama - in days of yore, the teams creating these games didn't necessarily have the kind of budget to spare for great graphical introductions, so they found unique ways of "selling the world" to you - often, this meant pouring through an extra book that came with the game itself.  In this case, there's an audio drama that sets the scene and explains the world of Loom.  You DO NOT need to listen to this, but it will be helpful.

You might also want to read the manual.  This is a LucasArts adventure game, but it's systems are a little different.  Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to write down your songs and to remember the list of songs you have at your disposal for solving problems.  In this particular game, the most important two keys are F5 [to save and load] and alt-x to quit the game.

And finally, play the game.  If you get stuck, please feel free to consult a walkthrough - this isn't so much about the puzzles and getting stuck, it is  more so that we can experience a game together as a community.

Our first get together to discuss this particular game will happen on Sunday, the 10th of July at 12pm Pacific - we look forward to seeing you there and talking about our experiences playing the game.

If you want to interact with us on Steam, you can find the Game Club Curation Page here. [no, we're not playing all those games quite yet, we needed to get to ten to be added to the curator page]

And the actual Twinstiq Game Club Group page here.


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