WRUP Hunter

Well the PC release of Monster Hunter World has been a huge success driving sales to over ten million copies. And people say PC gaming is dying. I'll have a review of my experience with the beast brawler going up tomorrow morning.

It's been slow I think for most of us. Or maybe it was just those firefighters that Verizon throttled and made upgrade to a new, more expensive unlimited plan before they could make use of their wireless network during the Mendocino fire complex. You know, when they needed complete, uninterrupted service and communication but couldn't have it cos they went above their "unlimited" data limit. But of course that didn't have anything to do with the end of Net Neutrality earlier this year... no no of course not. That's come class A bullshittery right there.

What are you guys playing this weekend?

Andrew: Shenmue I & II!

Scroo: More Monster Hunter World and No Man's Sky I think. Been enjoying both a lot. Also Vermintide 2 as time allows. I'm looking forward to the new expansion.

Greywolfe: quest for glory 4! at long last. lol. imported my guy and everything. but apart from that, more yono and the celestial elephants and also some book of unwritten tales [again.] - i'm sort of messing around with ocarina of time, which i've never actually beat. i'm at adult link stage now, so there's that. it's a HUGE game.





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