WRUP Friday Deals

Happy Weekend everyone. It's WRUP time and I'm struggling to find anything of note that isn't black Friday deal oriented. I suppose that's fine though seeing as how it seems like no matter satisfied I am with the current state of my PC there is always some deal on some part I don't have or is normally out of a reasonable price range that catches my eye. So with that in mind here are a few that did in fact catch my eye. My right eye. And my left. And the one by my third nipple. It's only weird if you make it weird.

First up a thing from Tom's Hardware that popped into my news feed on my phone. If you're looking for tons of storage for a price that's lower than usual for tons of storage I suggest clicking the link. I'm tempted to get ahold of that crucial 4TB M.2 drive. Even though it's "slow" at 4,800/4,100 MB/s read-write, that's plenty fast.

If you're interested in what Newegg has to offer, here's a pretty damn comprehensive list of deals that are going on right now thanks to Logical Increments. Everything from GPU's and cases, to Motherboards and monitors and everything nestled betwix'd.

From PC Gamer, here's a list of good gaming mice with some serious price cuts. I'm not in the game for a new mouse, not a Razer mouse for sure as I'm no fan of theirs for no particular reason, but sub $40 price points are pretty cool to see.

Okay so between those three links there should be lots to look at and maybe you'll find something you've been wanting or maybe even need to complete a new build or replace the aged and heavily clicked. Here's hoping everyone had a good turkey day in the states and those of you reading outside the US had a good week in general. I don't know, maybe you ate too much too. I don't know your life.

Weekends are for gaming

Greywolfe: well, twitter didn't burn down, somehow. lol. but i still am not really playing anything, because there's folks coming over tomorrow [and for the weekend] so i have to be social :(

AJ: I recently acquired physical versions of Windjammers 2 and Them's Fightin' Herds for the Switch so I'll probably play those a bit.

Scrooloose: Well, Darktide is a blast so more of that. Destiny 2, besides.