The Heat is WRUP

It's hot all over the place, but it's been a decent weekend so far. I hope you've all had a nice one as well so far. Small talk and so on... WRUP

As mentioned in the header there, it's been very hot more or less everywhere. Canada recently had temperatures so hot that the shellfish at shallow depth and above water level were literally cooked where they lay. Death Valley, CA is expected to break record temperatures predicted to reach more than 130 degrees. Where I live here in CA saw 108 yesterday and we're expecting more of the same today. So it's a good weekend to hit the movie theater, or stay in and play games. Be safe out there because this kind of extreme heat is no joke. Stay hydrated, keep your pets cool, protect your plants and take it easy. It's the weekend.

Virgin Galactic just made a successful trip to the edge of space with a full compliment of passengers. So successful, in fact, that the announcement has been made that space tourism is now open to the public. Seats are not cheap though at a staggering $250,000 a person, but general public can enter a sort of lottery for two tickets as well. Pretty cool, I think because not only has it been shown relatively safe multiple times that private companies can achieve space flight, but it took a lot of confidence in his own product for Richard Branson to ride it into the outer edges of Earth's atmosphere. Here's to the continuation of human space exploration. Now we'll see later this month how it goes for Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin space flight.

Steve Wozniak has voiced his support for the "right to repair" movement. This is pretty important guys. Being able to fix your own stuff is a simple idea but it's getting harder and harder to do that with devices like mobile phones, laptops, gaming consoles, farm equipment, even auto manufacturers are limiting what people are allowed to fix on their own vehicles. Some aspects of this are more understandable, like some auto electronics perhaps compromising vehicle security and the like. But when you're a farmer and you're not allowed to replace the radiator on your own tractor, or if you have a laptop and you're not allowed to replace a battery, or fix the broken screen on your phone etc. That's some nonsense. Here's a little bit from BBC News about right to repair.

A rare copy of an old Atari game has been sold for more than $10,000. This makes me envious because I actually had one of these when back in the day on my Atari. There were maybe only 13 of these ever and I had one. It got sold at a yard sale in a box of games and controllers and the system itself for like $30 way back when I was kid. The things we find in life to regret... I'm sorry this link is from Fox News, but here's the story.

What's the plan this weekend?

Greywolfe: i'm free! hooray! no more stupid extra magic queue! i didn't get EVERY rare card in that set [because wizards messed around with the cards in the packs], but i got pretty close, and that's good enough for me. [the reason i was collecting that specific set is because there were extra, older cards in it that i wanted.] - thank god. this weekend! some arthur: quest for excalibur, because i'm an infocom masochist on rare occasion. but during the week, some more laid back biomutant. i'm SLOWLY plodding to the end of the sidequests, which means i can start focusing on the main quest.

AJ: Playing through the adventure mode on Smash Bros: Ultimate, trying to get all the character spirits. I'll probably also play a little Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with my son. (He's taken an interest in the Tekken series since they added Kazuya to Smash last week.)

Scrooloose: Not sure what I'm doing yet for sure. Probably more MechWarrior 5 but I've finished the new career mode, so not a lot left there. I did get F1 2020 on one of the summer sales so maybe it's time to start racing, especially with Goodwood Festival of Speed happening currently.

Yoda: [Not 100% sure but I'd bet Cody is playing Black Desert again]

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