Almost Done WRUP

Good bye 2020. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Hey everyone, time for another WRUP. Seems like that's all we do now. We all hope that you and yours had a good holiday even if it's a bit different due to a certain global pandemic. We're actually waiting in my household to have our main celebration until the 9th. Family members are quarantining and making as sure as we can that things are as safe as possible before we get together. When next we WRUP it'll be 2021 and good riddance to 2020, I say. It's been a hell of year. Not all bad but not a lot of good for sure.

The aforementioned pandemic being the biggest negative. Political reasons aside, it's just been plain shitty to not see loved ones and friends like normal. And for those who have lost those loved ones, it's been even worse. I'm lucky enough to live in a very small town and our COVID numbers are tiny compared to the rest of the nation. We still sit around 200 cases total since the start. But before Thanksgiving we were under 90. That's quite a jump in the last month. Luckily we've received some vaccinations so our front line folks are getting shots. My folks among them, thankfully. Still, even with around 10% of our local population testing positive, they're also recovering. Hopefully people didn't go too crazy during Christmas and we don't see our numbers jump too quickly again. We here wish you all safety and happiness during the final days the year. Cheers to surviving and pour one for those who didn't.

This year we also saw some great news in the tech space. New console releases promised some big changes. New CPU and GPU generations also made some promises. Games have given us some highly anticipated titles, buggy or not. And we can only expect more as the new year arises. Of course there have been major stock shortages, shipping issues including international freight problems. There are millions of dollars in GPUs and consoles and so on sitting in ports ready to be loaded and make their way to our stores, but freight costs have risen so high it's cheaper to let them sit in containers there than to actually get them here. Bots and scalpers, not uniquely individual, have raided what stocks we do have and are charging extreme premiums to the public. I'd suggest if you want the best chance you can at scoring some new hardware any time soon to check out Discord servers who have taken to announcing stock updates. A few of us here belong to the ATR Stonks server and they track more or less everything you may want currently. Check them out.

Of course we could go on and on about the good and bad of 2020 but for goodness sake, let's let it go and keep this brief. 2021 is going to start anew and though we will definitely continue seeing a lot of the same problems we are now. Things are bound to change eventually though. So let's all keep our heads up and make as much lemonade from this bitter, sour citrus as we can. As doom and gloom as this post may seem, we do wish you a happy and safe rest of the holiday season. Stay strong everyone. We'll see you in the new year.

What we're playing...

Greywolfe: well, yesterday was christmas. and i spent that with my mom having lunch. it was pretty good. last night - and for the next few nights - i'm still streaming earthlock. did a little leveling, but tonight and tomorrow, i'm going to try and tackle some story. i think my guys are leveled up enough to not just fall over and die. we'll see. other than that? more magic, of course. merry christmas, everyone! :)

Scrooloose: Almost ready to finish my first Cyberpunk play through. I'll definitely be doing it again though once my 6800xt comes in next month. Deep Rock Galactic is still on the menu and I'll be jumping back into AC Valhalla.

Yoda: It's a Crippled God Christmas Weekend! Other than reading that though prolly more Cyberpunk, some Gloomhaven, and God knows what else lol


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