So the AIB partners are releasing the custom Navi GPU's this month and it seems they're not being light-handed about it. MSI is going to release four versions of both the 5700 and the XT making for eight total versions of two graphics cards. That's just one company. I really wish there was just one or two versions because all this research and study on behalf of the consumer to buy a GPU is getting to be a headache. The line-up is like this: 5700 Gaming X, the Mech OC, the Evoke OC and the Air Boost. The same line-up will be for the 5700XT. All will use much better and bigger fan coolers and at least the higher end of the line will take up 2.7 slots of your motherboard. They're going to start at $399, if I understand correctly, and they'll be out around the middle of the month. So if you've been holding out for a new middle range GPU this might be the time to check it out.

AMD has said they've got plans for the high end Navi cards to come along at some point as well. Speculation seems to point toward 2021. Seems like a ways off yet but who knows really, it's all just conjecture at this point. And Intel is getting into the market soonish with it's own GPU line. Starting with entry and mid level cards using HBM at a supposedly competitive price point. It could be an interesting thing to follow since that will bring Intel to a more similar position as AMD and start fighting the war on two fronts as they'll have to continue development in both CPU and GPU to stay on target. Nvidia will likely still come out as the winner in the graphics sector as, besides the Shield, they essentially only make GPU's. But adding another option to the mix can only be a good thing as it will provide us, consumers another separate choice.

Anyway... Games?

Scroo: Just started season two of F1 2019, so I'm pretty sure I'll just continue there. Also work this weekend thank goodness.

AJ: Just picked up Super Mario Maker 2 for my son (though I’m sure it will be occupying plenty of my time as well). I also might try to get back into Red Dead Redemption 2.

Yoda: The Dojo my friends and I have been building in Warframe is finally coming together. Even have a spot planned out for our Spaceship for when that rail jack expansion comes out. Basically going to be trying to finish more of the quests over the weekend if I can pull myself away from the Squirt gun Summer event anytime soon :P

Greywolfe: tonight and tomorrow night, i'm going to be streaming a little titan quest.  apart from that, i'm trying to find a game to supplant ac:  origins.  i haven't played it for about four weeks now and i probably need to find some other game to play.  i don't know.  i also want to try and get back into quest for glory 4, too.  a game i've been playing off and on for nearly a year now [!] - i like the ambiance of it, but good grief, sometimes, keeping track of when things are going to happen is annoying.  [i hate timer based games.]

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