WRUPs Among Us

Hello everyone, welcome to another weekend and the general WRUP. Thank goodness the heat is falling off for a bit here. Unfortunately that cooling seems to be as a result of a hurricane that came up from Mexico. Now downgraded to a tropical storm I won't see it's effects in full, but there could be some rain this afternoon. Still, I'll take weather that's cooler by some 25 degrees and a chance for some moisture. Continuing in mundane news, my dryer broke. I don't know if you guys have ever had to find replacement parts for a dryer but it can be a pain in the ass. The heating element went out. My dryer is some 10 years old but it's a good brand. I finally found a parts manual and made the mistake of ordering the wrong heater. The listing didn't help as it was simply called a heater, but what I actually needed was a heater assembly. It's still just a heater, but it's a different part number and uses a higher wattage fuse and thermostat. Hopefully the correct one will be here today and I'll be able to replace it. Yep, boring stuff around here. Just hot with frustrating appliance repairs. Read more

Good morning everyone and welcome to yet another weekend and yet another WRUP. We're going right to it because I've had a boring week and I've nothing special to discuss. Read more