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Hi, I’m Greywolfe

Who Am I, Where Am I And Why Do I Feel This Way?

First of all, let me start by answering those three questions. I am Greywolfe. I write opinion pieces and reviews - mostly about old games. Where am I? Well, you can find me here, quite obviously, but I also run a Let's Play channel over on Youtube and I have a Twitter account where you can contact me.

The real question, of course, is why do I feel this way? Read more

Got Graph Paper?

I remember a time when gaming was ridiculously difficult. There was no hand-holding or tutorials or any of that stuff. Just you, the manual, the game and your notebook - for taking notes, of course.

Well, that time has come again, because somehow GOG got the rights to the old gold box games - an AD&D standard from years gone by that is - since it was made in the 80's - sometimes ridiculously difficult. Read more