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Lords of The Fallen 2023 – Crashing Issues and Potential Fixes

Lords of the Fallen 2 arrived a couple of weeks ago and it's proving to be quite a worthy souls-like with its strategic combat and beautifully built world populated by manic zealots, undead and some truly frightening bosses. I've been enjoying it greatly yet it has opened to a real roller coaster of emotions and mixed reviews. Viewing the Store page on Steam shows a fairly divided community with 59 percent of the 15,000 plus reviews being positive. Stability and performance seem to be the main issues. For myself it's definitely been stability that's been the negative. Let's take a look at this a bit. Read more

This WRUP is Late and My LOTF Save Was Corrupted

Thank goodness I finally finished this deck job I've been working on yesterday. It's taken up way too much of my time and though the end result was a pretty decent pay day it shouldn't take 75 hours to paint deck railings. It was build without a permit by an engineer about 20 years ago an it's a pretty good looking structure, but it's full of lights and switches and wiring so I couldn't disassemble much of it to help my progress. There are metal pickets that weren't allowed to change color with the rest of the structure so they all had to be masked. I had fifteen hours alone just taping. Ridiculous. The lumber was being painted is dimensional so there are lots of little nooks to get in to. And since it's non-permitted it was built without stairs on what is effectively the second story facing downhill on a slope so I also had my 24 foot extension ladder to be able to prep the outer facing sides. But hey, the owners are happy and I think I'll have more work there in the near future. That was more or less the last half of October for me and I'm done whining about it. Let's look at what's going on in actual WRUP land and discuss a seriously game breaking issue for Lords of the Fallen. Read more