New PlayStation Store Releases: Galak-Z

I had to skip the New PlayStation Store Releases update last week due to the big site switch-over. So, this week I will be combining them all into one super update. The game I am most interested in from the last fortnight would probably have to be Galak-Z. Brought to you by 17-BIT (the creators of Skulls of the Shogun), Galak-Z is a punishing, procedurally generated space shooter with an '80s anime aesthetic. How freaking cool does that sound?!

Also out this/last week, Legend of Kay is making the rounds, along with N++, and a Cross Buy game about a speeding box. Take a week off and then lose your shit over something awesome-sounding, then proceed further to see more new releases.

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 3

[Image: 17-BIT]

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