New PlayStation Store Releases: Divinity: Original Sin

Last year's highly acclaimed PC RPG, Divinity: Original Sin now comes to PlayStation 4. This enhanced version of the game even includes new features not seen in the original release; split-screen co-op, full voiceovers, new content, and more. Also out this week, WWE 2K16 and a standalone bike expansion to Driveclub. Cast a few spells, slay a few goblins, then proceed further to see more of this week's new releases.

PlayStation 4

[Image: Larian Studios]


  1. Scrooloose
    Scrooloose says:

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that Divinty enhanced has finally come. I’ll definitely be getting a new start on that game, cos as I understand the original save files will not be compatible

    • Andoru
      Andoru says:

      I never picked it up before because of the lack of controller support. Now that they’ve added it? Game on! I hope more devs will continue to do this in the future.

      • Scrooloose
        Scrooloose says:

        Well, I always play these things on keyboard and mouse myself so the lack of controller support never bothered me. But yes I agree, it should be there lots of people want that now. And I agree on the console port, I think more games should be multi-platform. I know it takes extra development and costs more money to port to other platforms but in the short run it lets more people enjoy those titles. In the long run it sells more and increases the fan base.

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