Mid Term Election Day is Here

What's up everyone!? This is just a friendly reminder that today, November 6th, is in fact Election Day. Please, please get out to the polls and vote.

It doesn't matter what your stance is, whether you vote your conscience or strictly for the party you align yourself with, just get out there and vote today. Because the fact is that nothing is going to change for the better, no matter what your views are, if you don't make yourself heard.

Scroo Voted!
Tru Voted!

I'm on the way myself, shortly and I'll try to remember to update here with images of myself and the rest of the Twinstiq crew as they come in. Get out there!

Well I guess I don't look super happy about it, but that's to do with selfie camera frustration, not voting.

Check it out, Tru voted too like a true patriot and scholar.

This just in: AJ has also voted, thus adding to our level of 'Merica

Just found out that Yoda voted early, so props to him. No photo!

AJ Voted!



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