Do You Sometimes Feel LIke You Could Take Over The World?!

If so, then GOG has the perfect game for you: Day of the Tentacle. Better still, it's Day of the Tentacle remastered, so you get a modern looking game and modern sounds alongside the original charm of the DOS version - which you can flip to at [almost] any time.

And time is of the essence, because you'll be cast into three time periods while you play - the past, the present and the far future. Use twisty time-travel logic to solve puzzles spanning all three ages and witness the hilarity as LucasArts works it's curious brand of comedy magic.

It's a magical time, because if you pre-order between now and March 22, GMT you will also get exclusive Day of the Tentacle wallpapers, courtesy of GOG.

You can pre-order here.


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    Tim Chesson says:

    I’ve never played Day of the Tentacle, but the general excitement it seems to invoke has me more than a little curious.

    • Scrooloose
      Scrooloose says:

      Yeah I didn’t play it either, but I did have and play Maniac Mansion. Which is just before Day of the Tentacle. In fact the DOTT remaster is supposed to have a fully playable version of Maniac Mansion in the game. Somehow they got the licensing to work out.

      In any case my point was supposed to be that I’ve only ever heard good things. In Maniac Mansion it was very possible to just be stuck at some point, while in Day of the Tentacle that isn’t the case.

      • Avatar
        greywolfe says:

        dott is amazing and worth your time.

        this remaster, however…well, double fine have been punching out remasters, then abandoning them [cf: grim fandango.]

        i’d prefer it if they would just release the original alongside the remaster, but that doesn’t get tim much money and tim – these days [cynical hat activate!] is all about the money. so, i wouldn’t hold out hope that you’d ever see the originals unless disney could cut him a giant cheque beforehand. or work him into the business end of things, somehow.

        dott originally had maniac mansion inside it – it doesn’t take long to find out how to access maniac mansion inside of dott, so i’m not sure how much legalese there was to wrangle there. [maybe none at all, really, since disney may just have said “ok, well, you can have maniac mansion since it’s part of this release, but you can’t sell it alone and you can’t tinker with it at all.]

        i dunno.

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