Well boys and girls it's almost the 2nd Month of the Year, which means its time to play four games in your backlog that you haven't finished yet! In Other words, its Time for 4 In February!!!

#4iF is not only a great way to play games you've had on the back burner for a while, but this year it uis also a great way to Celebrate Twinstiq.com's 2nd birthday!

Last year we had Six members of the Twinstiq team post about the games they'd be playing to participate in one of our favorite times of year!

So play along with us! The rules are easy enough:

Finish 4 games in the Month of February. Key word Finish. No need to start from hour one if you're halfway through a game. Doesn't matter if you get 100% of all the achievements or any of that crap, and No one cares if you play four 2 hour long games or if you try to beat four Final Fantasy titles. Though I will be very jealous of the free time you have ;)

One quick shout out to Mike Suszek, the official founder of #4iF. Make sure to join his official 4iF group.

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    Tim Chesson says:

    I’m definitely on board, trying to wrap up the main part of Dark Souls 2 up so I won’t be distracted. I’m planning to tackle Arkham Knight on the PS4, and on the PC, finishing up the last two episodes of Life is Strange and maybe SOMA. I can’t recall what my other choices might be for February, I’ll have to see what mood I’m in as the month progresses.

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