WRUP Christmas

Happy Holidays internet! Hope everyone enjoys their break doing shit, playing games, sipping hot Coco, all that good stuff.

We here at Twinstiq of course, plan on playing some games. Here they be:

AJ: I took advantage of all the end-of-year sales going on and picked up some of the most acclaimed indie titles of the year: Celeste, Iconoclasts, and Wizard of Legend (in addition to The Binding of Isaac, which has been on my wishlist for what seems like forever now). I’m looking forward to trying them all out this weekend.

Greywolfe: I had a not very productive week, thanks to people coming over and me getting derailed. on the plus side! since i can pick up and drop rogue legacy at a whim, i've been trying that out. it has a fun gameplay loop. i hate charon at the gate taking all your money away at the start of every run, though.

Scrooloose: Well I got my new GPU finally. A Gigabyte Vega 64 gaming OC blah blah etc. So I'll be jumping back into Shadow of the Tomb Raider I think at some point soon. More importantly, with Subnautica being free until the 27th, I've been playing a lot of that and honestly loving it. Anyway, I'll be gaming and maybe writing a little again finally since I may have something worth writing about now. Also I'm hoping to be able to hit that "Buy" button on a new 27 inch 1440p high refresh rate IPS panel so I can utilize the new power and then stop spending money on this machine for a while.

Tru: Well I restarted Horizon Zero Dawn so I can finally get to the DLC that I bought but never played. Also, the final DLC for Spider-Man dropped (as well as the Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit). Oh and more of a little game called Smash Brothers Ultimate!

Yoda: I'm gnna use all these free time over the weekend to do a FUCKTON of work at home.Late at night however I'll definately be playing more of the Surge.And I still need to check out Hitman since Grey gifted that to me a while back

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