PSA: Destinty 2 and Bungie Remind You – Stadia Is Gone Soon

If you logged in today, January 8th, you likely saw the reminder that the revolutionary and definitely supported for years to come, Google Stadia is shutting down on the 18th of the month.

This is probably not news to you if you've logged into your account in the past couple of months as the message has been posted before to light a fire under your feet if you happen to be a Stadia player. However if you haven't logged in for a while and you don't have cross save active then you may want to go and get that done now.

Stadia shut down is happening on the 18th and that's ten days from now, but that can sneak up on a dude so don't take too long. Even if you're not playing now, you may want to pick it up in future and doing so you may come to regret not taking the simple steps to keep access to your characters. This is only for Stadia players of course and if you already have cross saves set up then you're golden. Technically there's no need for further action, but it might not hurt to make sure all your Stadia characters are selected. Keep in mind that you'll have to set up cross saves with a different platform, I.E. Steam, Epic Games or PlayStation. This probably isn't that hard except in the case of someone who doesn't have access to a PC or console as Destinty 2 is free to play. 

Very important here - If Stadia is in fact where your primary account resides, once you have it set up do not disable cross saves after the 18th for any reason as it will result in the loss of your characters anyway. Here's the help link listed from the image above both stating that fact and giving you a button that will take you to cross save setup.

I really feel like Bungie should be doing full-on primary account migrations or adding an option in account settings to make a certain platform a primary account backed up by some dual authentication or something because I could see this happening on accident and leading to some pretty angry players.

Don't want to follow the help link? Log into your account. You'll want to click on your account drop-down and navigate the list to cross save and give that the ol' left click. Then just follow the instructions as they're given. Bob's your uncle, as the kids say.