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You guys! If you read any of my Darksiders articles you know I'm into it. You also know I've been hoping for quite a long time that we fans of the series would get a third Darksiders title. Well it looks like that's actually going to happen after all and I'm pretty thrilled by it so far.

Our own Truelegendkiller got a look at the official trailer before any of us did and it comes from IGN. What we see is War chained in front of the Charred Council and the appearance of Fury, the first sister of the Four Horsemen. She is the rider of the black horse and is being tasked with the defeat of the Seven Deadly Sins, who have escaped since War broke the seventh seal in the first game. Check out the trailer from IGN below.

Alright so I have to say I'm not super into Fury's design in this first look. Not that there's anything really wrong with it, but to me it seems a bit generic. War and Death were such uniquely designed characters and had such individual personalities that they became a sort of extension of the player. Of course it's way too early to say Fury won't be equally as awesome and I have no intention of speculating on her character. I'm just happy to see Darksiders 3 becoming a reality.

If I have one question though it's this: Why Fury? I had always pictured Strife coming before Fury. When playing the previous titles War gets Strife's pistol, Mercy, and Death gets the other, Redemtion. That's all we see of Strife but it always made me think that we'd get to play as him in a sort of dual pistol, cowboy from hell kind of way. Again though, I'm not complaining. And who knows? Maybe THQNordic and Gunfire Games have a plan that involves a fourth game where Strife meets up with Death and Fury. Maybe they find the truth about War's role in the breaking of the seals that leads to a super cool four player co-op game with an overlying ultimate goal to overthrow the Charred Council. Ugh man, there I go speculating.

Needless to say I'll be paying attention to this so expect updates when I happen to find more information down the line. It looks like we're going to get Furious in 2018.

Update 5-6-17

A little more confirmation came in the form of some pre-alpha game play footage recently. IGN once again has the first look and it shows Fury doing her thing for about 12 minutes.

Still no official word on whether Darksiders developer and founder of Vigil, Joe Madureira will make a come back to put his two cents into this newest iteration. I may speculate that it would be a no just because Darksiders 3 does seem to look a little different. But who knows? (not me) Maybe he'll jump on and help tighten things up here and there.

If you ask me though that latest footage looks pretty solid and true to the original formula that makes this series so great in the first place. Fury clearly uses her whip with effectiveness but I'm curious about that secondary weapon on her back. Looks like kamas? Or maybe it's similar to the tertiary 'Crossblade' from the first game that War uses.

Update 5-8-17

Well here we are again with yet another IGN video for Darksiders 3. This one tells about how the Darksiders IP survived the closure of THQ to become a reality now. By the sound of things Gunfire has no plans on stopping here.

An update on the Joe Madureira front. According to a quote I read from Alanah over at IGN: "...the artist who originally designed Fury (Joe Mad) did her re-design for Darksiders 3 as well, though he isn’t working at Gunfire full-time (he’s actually working on his own game, Battle Chasers)."

Stay tuned for more updates as we see them.

Update 5-18-17

Well here we go again with yet another IGN first look video about Darksiders 3. This time it's about 'The evoloution of Darksiders' which seems to mostly be about world building and map design. Check it out below.

So Gunfire is doing away with the spoke and wheel map in favor of a seamless world. I for one am not a huge fan of messing with a good thing, and Darksiders has always had a nice world design so I'm not super sure how I feel about the decision to change that. On the other hand I can respect wanting to build a seamless world for console players as the load screens can be, and usually are, much longer than on PC.

In the meantime the comments about this video and the others so far are commonly saying that Fury's combat looks bad. Well guys this is still pre-alpha footage so maybe get over it and take the information as it comes. I'm sure Gunfire will show us the goods when they start fine tuning weapons and combat.

More updates to come I'm sure.

Update 5-26-17

For anyone hoping to see Darksiders 3 at E3 this year, prepare for disappointment. In a statement shown here According to Gunfire and ThQNordic:

"We will not be at E3...but Fury will be making another appearance soon."

Further info on the Darksiders front states that there may already be a plan in the works for what a Darksiders 4 story would look like. I suggest reading through the whole Q&A section in that link by the way.

To me that seems a little ambitious, but I'd love to think that that we'll be seeing a four title series eventually. But first we'll have to see if this one is any good when, or if, it finally comes around next year. I have my hopes up for sure but reality has shown it's ugly head more than a few times to push back and cancel nearly completely developed games before.

As usual, stick around for more updates as they come around.

Update 5-30-17

So this isn't so much an update as it something I just failed to put in much earlier. Darksiders 3 has had its store page on Steam for nearly a month now, and if you noticed that you may have noticed that the PC System Requirements are also posted there.

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400, AMD FX-6100, or better
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Recent Shader Model 5 GPU with 2 GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 15 GB available space
Additional Notes: These are preliminary system specs that can and will change!

Now of course the game is still over a year away so that final line there is pretty important. It looks like Gunfire isn't pushing the edges of modern PC tech here but you know what? -That's okay with me. The previous titles still looks great and the remasters are even better. I have no doubt we'll still get a beautiful Darksiders and good on you Gunfire for making sure it'll run on [basically] everything.

Speaking of things I showed up late to party with: Check out Gamingbolt here and their shots of some concept art that look pretty gosh darn nice as well.

Keep it here for updates, maybe a real one next time and everything.


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