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Squeaking By WRUP

Good morning everyone. CA is washing away. I have had two days of pretty torrential rain and somehow I still have about a foot of snow on the ground from the last storms. Tons of flooding all around me. Thankfully not here because I'm on a hill so I'm only seeing minor issues like overflow from the creek running across the driveway and overloaded drainage from the road. My dad finally had his heart surgery, which is awesome. What's not awesome is that he came home and promptly tested positive for COVID. So he and my mom both have it. Somehow I'm still negative. The VA sent him a dosage of Paxlovid overnight via UPS but with the storm they couldn't get here. Now it's Saturday and UPS doesn't run on Saturday or Sunday so unless they passed it off to the USPS we won't see it until Monday. Paxlovid is supposed to be taken within a few days of symptoms so I'm not even sure he'll get any benefit from it. He's not seeing very bad effects yet anyway, a light cough and that's about it. Mom, on the other hand, is hit pretty hard. She went from feeling fine to coughing, to bed ridden. Her Paxlovid did come in and we managed to get it from the pharmacy along with a rescue inhaler and some other stuff to keep her okay. Somehow I'm just riding out the storm and staying negative while testing. Everyone is masked up, I'm quarantining and we're just keeping things as sanitary as possible. Read more

Now About That WRUP

Well, hello everyone and here's hoping you're all out of the snow. Here in CA, you may have heard, we're being absolutely smashed by literal tons of the stuff. I had 33 inches after the weather stopped a day or so back. I still have over two feet and the forecast says I may be seeing another eight inches between tonight and tomorrow. I was without power for most of last week so hopefully it holds out through the end of this incoming, smaller storm. Read more

For [WRUP’s] Sake

Good morning everyone. Man it's been an incredibly busy couple of weeks for me and today will be no different. In fact it may not be too different until the end of March. Last week I missed the WRUP all together and this week I don't really have a whole lot to mention, but let's go to it anyway. Read more

The People’s WRUP

Good morning everyone on a pretty chilly Saturday at around 17 degrees F here. Here's hoping you're all doing well. I had some rather unpleasant goings on in my personal life this past week so I haven't got a lot of news to look at. So such as it is, let's go right to it. Read more

So You Think You Can WRUP

Well you'll be shocked to know that it's raining here in CA yet again. Don't get me wrong it's not really a complaint, we definitely need all the water we can get. It's just that this much all at once anywhere can be pretty harmful. Seventeen people have lost their lives to these storms. Roads and highways are flooding as with entire neighborhoods. Here locally there has been a pretty major land slide where the burn scar is from the Oak Fire and a significant portion of the road is covered and or gone. But the good news is that the snow pack is a pretty staggering 226% above normal as of January 11th and that will help a lot during the spring thaw with water supply for the summer.

Anyway let's get down to the WRUP. It's the weekend after all. Read more

Mo Tech Mo Problems WRUP

Good morning everyone and welcome to another weekend. It's strangely warm this morning at 6:35 am as I woke up to 55 F outside after going to bed when it was around 30 F last night. These last couple of storms have been bonkers. Warm rain, then snow, then hail and high wind gusts all at once for hours at a time, then nothing. I haven't seen totals for this most recent storm but I know the Sierra snow pack is way, way above average for this time of year and I really hope it stays there to last until it really matters in the summer. As for the previous storm, I got eleven inches of rain in three days. I've seen more, in fact I remember getting nine inches of rain in one day some years ago, but this was definitely a big hit to the drought conditions in CA. At least for the immediate term. It'll take years for that water to get to the aquifers and water tables. In the meantime there's flooding and dam spillway failures to attend to, but we have to take the good with the bad. I did hear something that kind of made me go slack-jawed for a moment and that's the prediction that the recently passed storm contained something like fifteen times the volume of the Mississippi River as a whole of precipitation.

But enough about the weather, let's look at some tech stuff. Read more