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WRUP Friday Deals

Happy Weekend everyone. It's WRUP time and I'm struggling to find anything of note that isn't black Friday deal oriented. I suppose that's fine though seeing as how it seems like no matter satisfied I am with the current state of my PC there is always some deal on some part I don't have or is normally out of a reasonable price range that catches my eye. So with that in mind here are a few that did in fact catch my eye. My right eye. And my left. And the one by my third nipple. It's only weird if you make it weird. Read more

It’s Another WRUP

Good morning everyone, it's yet another weekend and that means it's WRUP time. We got our first snow this week and it was nice to see a change come to our incessant dry dusty weather. Also during that time my damn clothes dryer broke again so I ordered and new thermostat and fuse for that. I've got to figure out what's going on because dumping $50 every couple of months into the heater on my dryer is untenable.Not to mention the stupid amount of labor it takes to replace these tiny parts.

On another note, here's to everyone affected by these giant corporate layoffs happening all over the place. I know of at least a few people and am learning of more every day it seems that have lost their jobs, my sister is in fact one of those 11,000 people that were laid off from Meta. She'll be okay, she's already getting offers from other sources, but it's not fun to lose your stability. I feel especially for those who just moved to the bay area, just signed their one year apartment lease or whatever and then found out through an email that they've been let go because of some pandemic over-hiring or whatever it's being blamed on. I know of one guy who worked for Twitter and bought a house like 2 months ago, now he's jobless because a billionaire decided to take over a whole company and fire half it's staffing. Ridiculous. Anyway, to anyone out there who's been kicked in the teeth because you've been deemed expendable to the one per-centers who had to make very hard decisions good luck to you. Your resumes will likely get you back on track shortly. Read more


Hey everyone. Here's hoping you all had a good Halloween weekend and enjoyed whatever festivities you may have been involved in safely. I spent mine with some friends in their loft smoking cigars and laughing listening to music. It was a chill and very good time. Now though it's time for fall to really feel like the fall season. We've had our first snow already and I think by Sunday we're expecting a lot more at least in the higher elevations. It's the most normal November I've seen in a long time. This is like when I was younger.  Anyway, here's to another nice weekend of gaming and whatever else might be coming your way. Read more