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WRUP Time Has Come

I'm back for the WRUP. I missed last week because things are so busy. This weekend is also busy, especially Sunday. Not only is it father's day but I'm also mixing and pouring 90 bags of concrete for a job by myself.  Anyway, it's not busy for a couple of hours yet so I decided to sit down and get a WRUP on the board. So let's see what's up today. Spoilers, it's a bit of a rant.
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Some WRUP This Is

Good morning, day or evening to you all and word up to all your homies in their various hoods. It is I, Scrooloose, and today I have very little for an actual WRUP. I've been busy AF working and when I'm not working I'm getting ready for summer fire clearance. Cal Fire will soon be out taking notes during drive by evaluations and I'd very much like it if they don't ignore my home in the event of a wild fire. Here's hoping for no major wild fires this season, much like last, but this is a big hope. It's drying up fast around here and we're already expecting hot, near 100 degree temperatures by next week. Not to be confused by hot tempuratures, which would just be a nice battering and delicious with soy sauce or wasabi. Read more

Some WRUP This Is

What's up everyone? I have returned. I've been battling various sickness that has kept me from being entirely coherent and I missed last week all together, sorry for that. Just can't read or type or really even stand up when you're spinning from vertigo. Not a fun time. So far so good though the last few days. I went back to work for the first time in three weeks yesterday. I hope this stuff is all gone. I don't get sick often, but hooo boy when I do... Anyway let's see some WRUP things. Read more

A WRUP Is What You Need

Good morning everyone. It is I, Scrooloose, and once again it's time to do a WRUP. It's a beautiful Saturday morning and soon it'll busy AF for my entire day as I'm hosting a BBQ this evening and I also need to grocery shop for said BBQ. Okay let's go right to it. Read more

Don’t Taze Me WRUP

Word up people of the internet who still come here for this weekly WRUP for some reason. I've been sick AF with a really gnarly sinus infection so I haven't felt like writing much, but today I'm going to (surprise) editorialize a little about this whole Sony, Helldivers 2 sich. Read more

Don’t Even Look At This WRUP

Once again I'm late to the WRUP. I actually just completely spaced it yesterday, no excuses. I was busy as is usual on a Saturday but not so busy I couldn't get one posted early in the morning. I'm not sure how much prison time I deserve. I suppose it'll be up to a jury of my peers. For now though, let's get to it. Read more

Ranty WRUP

Well, here I am finally. A day late. I just got busy yesterday with getting an actual start on Spring cleanup around here and then I went on a whole errand binge that took more or less the rest of the day. Today is going to be busy as well, but not right away so here I am up before 6:00am having a cup of coffee and a pop tart almost hoping plans will change because I would just like a day to do nothing after this last week. But I know better. So let's WRUP. Read more

Why Race Up Pineapples

Good day to you all it is I, Scrooloose and I'm done with this speech pattern already. Yesterday it was 73 and sunny with some nice fresh feeling breeze action. Today it's going to top out in the high 40s and rain. And tomorrow it may snow a few inches. Gotta love that early Spring weather. I'm a middle aged man. I talk about the weather. It's what we do. Let's get to the WRUP though because I don't know, maybe you're not a middle aged man. Or something... Read more

The WRUP Is Upon US

Hey there everyone. We survived the end of March and made it to April, even seeing some pretty great April fools jokes on the internet. One from CD Projekt Red advertising a limited edition of Cyberpunk 2077 installable from 97,619 floppies. They say it should take around two months of non-stop floppy disk swapping to be playable. That one made me laugh pretty good. There was also one that had me going for a moment until I read a few details in about Nvidia buying Xbox from Microsoft in order to better compete with Playstation. Which honestly doesn't sound too terribly out of the range of possibility until you get into the details: Dual GPU SLI configuration and AI to power the box... yeah.  Tweaktown you almost had me for a moment there. The article even contains renderings of the NVidia Xbox. Pretty fun times. Read more