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Get Yer WRUP Here

Good day to you, I hope this WRUP finds you well. It's the weekend and though the storms have passed there is much water, ice and snow left their wake. However the sun is warm for such a winters day and this may mean the snow will be melted in time for the Superbowl party to be held here tomorrow. Diets will be set aside as there will be many chili boats to be had. Beer will flow cold and the pizzas will be hot. Those who join us should plan on heavily filled bellies and antacids to relieve the inevitable reflux to follow. Here, below are more WRUP related issues. Read more

Rollercoaster WRUP

Oh man is it ever storm prep time today. There's a huge atmospheric river incoming around here set for tomorrow. One hit a few days ago and gave us about two and half inches of water with some snow up higher but this next storm is predicted to hit my area with about eight inches of non-stop rain from Sunday until next Friday, and just above my elevation is expecting anywhere from five to seven feet of snow. I imagine I'll get dusted a little but the real worry is the 60 mph sustained wind gusts. That's beyond gale and nearly hurricane strength. I've got to spend time today making sure things are buttoned down and my wood doesn't get uncovered and soaked. And it's time to hit the grocery store for a supply run for enough to get us past a power outage if that happens. Which is almost certain with winds that high. If you're in CA like me, stay safe, don't go out there and try to drive once this stuff starts if you can avoid it. That much wind and water is almost a guarantee for downed trees and flooding, that includes backed up sewer lines and power lines on the ground as well as potential overrun river banks and wash-outs. Not to mention as little as like three inches of water can wash your car away. Just don't risk it.

Okay let's look at the WRUP highs and lows. Read more

Blegh WRUP

It's a Saturday and that means it's a WRUP day. Good morning or afternoon or WTF ever everyone, it's me, Scrooloose and today is a beautiful day here. Certainly not feeling like the winter we had last year. I'll be taking the opportunity to get some paid projects done and thank goodness because money has been tight the last few weeks. But who cares about my boring ass life? Let's go look at this WRUP. Be forewarned this isn't a happy one and I'm opinionated about it. Read more

More WRUP More Problems

Word up homies. That's how the kids are greeting their friends these days. Those scamps. Fellow gangsters, let's get down and kick it one time.

Hey, did you try to charge your EV lately? Hopefully you don't live where it's cold because it didn't work for a ton of people. Just another reason to not own a "self driving" fire trap from mr. nazi, I suppose. Anyway, it's WRUP time. Read more

WRUP Time Again

Another weekend is upon us. The second Saturday of 2024 and it seems to have come in pretty fast. Sneaky, like a thing that sneaks. Anyway it's a cool morning out, not too terrible but there could be some snow coming in later on this afternoon. Nothing like my buddy in Colorado, he told me this morning it's -11 there. That is unacceptable and I refuse. Anyway, here we are again and we're not too far out from some new releases... releasing. Let's look at some. Read more

Happy Holidays WRUP

Hey there everyone, welcome to WRUP and happy holidays. Here's hoping everyone is planning a good time with the people they care about. We're going pretty small here this year. I think it's just immediate family, maybe a couple friends locally if they have a free moment to join us. I'm going to sous vide a tritip or some other beef, I've got a Turkey in freezer that never got used from Thanksgiving and we have some six pounds of jumbo shrimp, so it'll be a good surf and turf dinner. I'm hoping our mild weather lasts and we can eat outside at the fire pits and just chill and enjoy the evening all cozy like. For now though, here we are and it's time for a WRUP. So let's get to it. Read more