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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: Street”pass”

I am back! And I own a Marth Amiibo now!! And a Pit one too!!! Thinking about giving one away though in the name of Twinstiq. No promises yet, but I’ll look into shipping costs if people show some interest. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you probably know of my Streetpass struggle. It took me 4 hours of running around like an idiot to get 2 passes. Well, at least Gamescom will get me some.
But there is one thing that’s decent this week: the webcomics!

ActionTrip (Witchers go forth in style)
NerdRage (Course Selection)
Ready Soup (Fist of the Cinnabar Kid)
Penny Arcade (Exile)
MGDMT (MegaLobster)
Awkward Zombie (Faux Paw)

Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: Pulsing Ribbontrellis

I’m back home from celebrating the 60th anniversary of my grandparents-“in-law” and I bring an interesting discovery with me: pretty much everyone under the age of 40 was playing videogames. Granted, there was a level 80+ Clash of Clans player in the mix, but even he was into Skyrim. So, there I was, stuck in the middle of pretty much nowhere, surrounded by nice, but for the most part not particularly hip, not exactly young folks, yet discussions about the Oculus Rift and Ubisoft doing Ubisoft things ran rampant.

At the end of the day, we had two groups of people. One drinking beer, talking about stuff they’ve probably talked about for the last 40 years or so. One playing Space Team together on their phones. I guess both had fun, but I got to shout “Excite the Tachyon Adapter” at my girlfriend, while she was quelling the robot uprising and her cousin set the Idiosyncratic Photocontrol to 2.

Not a great week for gaming centric webcomics though, so I had to cut it down to 5 …WEBCOMICS!

Penny Arcade (Universals)
ReadySoup (Get Some Action Figure)
Nerd Rage (Konami Conundrum)
GU Comics (Paying the Price)
Game Boy Lands (Micromachines)

Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: The Omen

Damn, Monday already. Probably not the best sign that the WWWrup is late and, well, this week isn’t great. No gaming PA and I personally only really liked 2 of the featured ones. Is it time to get Brawl in the Family back into the boat again? Nah!

Still, enjoy those webcomics!

ReadySoup (Who Witches the Witcher)
Nerd Rage (Infinite Crossover Potential)
ActionTrip (Mad Max premieres on Pandora)
Double XP (Forward to the Past)
Nerf NOW!! (Rollin)
Boss Nostalgic 64 (Earned a break)

Weekly Webcomic Wrapup Is Back

Last week’s Weekly Webcomic Wrapup was so amazing that we weren’t able to publish it without the internet exploding. Very sorry about that. (Translation: I screwed up) But we’re back and brought a new Castle Vidcons with us.

And now for something completely different: Did we miss some cool news? You can now do our “job” for us! Just go to the Forum, look for the News category and start posting. If the news post is well made, I will totally “steal” it and put it on the main site. And who knows, you might even get invited into the team.
There is also a category for reviews, same caveat.


Life in Aggro (Temple of the Mind)
Awkward Zombie (Manifest Dalestiny)
Castle Vidcons (Corrupters of the Earth)
Dark Legacy Comics (For the Children)
Gameboylands (Doctor Mario)
Penny Arcade (Ethically Sourced)

puparW cimocbeW ylkeeW

Stoked about the new Twin Peaks season? Looks like I have some bad news for you.
According to rumors, Showtime has canceled it.
A sliver of hope remains however, since neither Lynch nor Showtime made an official announcement. Whatever the case may be, I will now include a copy of Deadly Premonition in our giveaway.

Were you looking forward to more Twin Peaks? Do you still believe in it seeing the light of day? Leave us a comment right below the webcomics.

ActionTrip (The S&M Of Gaming)
CAD (Finding Good Help)
Nerf NOW!! (Nature’s Balance 3)
Boss Nostalgic 64 (Scenic Route)
Extralife (A Different Time)
Critical Miss (There Will Be Bloodborne)