Author: scrooloose

I've been a gamer since a young age, my first experiences were with my old Atari 2600. Nowadays I'm mostly a PC guy but I also play board games when I have the group for it. And I love wrenching on cars besides.

@*&$ing WRUP

Hey everyone. It's time for a WRUP and I'm filled to brim with frustration trying to get my walk behind weed whacker running properly. I won't bore you with too many details but it's been a real downer after finally having a breakthrough this morning allowing me to use the thing for about a half hour before the mow ball broke off the damn thing. Since then I've managed to rig up some work around to keep it from digging into the ground while in use but now there's a big vibration in the cutting head which as it turns out is because the whole frame is cracked and just shaking all over the place. What a day.

Anyway let's get to the WRUP so I stop yammering on about yard work that's flipping me off with both hands. Read more

WRUP a Day

OMGWTFBBQ it's another weekend. Things are warming up around here and spring has just unloaded on the allergy sensitive, myself included to some extent. Usually I don't get the stuffies and the sniffles this time of the year too terribly, but holy cow this has been quite a pollen filled opener to the season. Hopefully it's not too bad on the day go in for my second vaccine dose. I don't want to be turned away because they mistake it for something worse. Anyway, as the kids say -let's rap. Read more

Easter Time WRUP’ers

Hey everyone, it's the weekend again and I'm a day late. But It' also Easter and hopefully you're all having a nice sunny day with family and friends while a giant rabbit craps colored eggs all over your yard and your kids frantically try to find and eat them. Easter is weird. Read more