Author: Thomas Ortsik

Founder and Kinda-Editor-In-Chief at Twinstiq.
Also known as Dr. Strangethumb

Rise and Wrup

Holy shit, it’s already Sunday and I completely forgot about the WRUP. Sorry, not sorry… the new Civilization add-on came out. Don’t expect anything of me in times like these. Anyway, time to get back to world conquering.

What has everyone been playing over the weekend?

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WRUP Society

Our industrialized and digitalized society has grown fat. More and more people work from home, sitting 16hours a day, with food delivered to the door. We’ve lost our connection to production processes and through social media we become more and more disconnected from what was once the predominant form of society. But don’t worry, that’s all going to stop now. Hunter-gatherer society is back, bitches. Monster Hunter: World has arrived. And those who would rather go down in flames still have DragonBall FighterZ. Read more

Qrup1 2018 in games

Dr. S is back and maaaaaaan… looking at the internet I wonder if I shouldn’t leave again straight away. Anyway, welcome to 2018, the year we finally see Shenmue 3, though it sounds unlikely. Wait, good idea, I never know what to write in this things anyway, so why not round up some of the early 2018 releases. Read more

Distilled WRUPer

Girlfriend is waiting and I almost forgot to do this, so no time to waste!

Battlefront/EA controversy, Destiny controversy, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is out, something something Game Awards, To the Moon 2 got announced, Trump is still president of the USA and Austria will soon join his axis of fascists. Read more

WRUPing Break

One has to love Saturdays that start with work because something broke. Even better when you don’t know how to fix it. Anyway, while I wait for someone from the IT department to maybe show up (but more likely not, because they don’t work on weekends), let’s do the WRUP! Read more

basic WRUP

I’m really fucking exhausted from this week. Things are happening, but in the gaming sphere it’s mostly Mario, Destiny, Assassin’s Creed and shooting Nazis. We all know how that goes, so let’s get to the point:

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womanly WRUP-Boxes in the black Normandy

Call of Duty WW2 is out now, so that should be it for big releases this year, right? Did I miss something? Oh, the new Battlefront… yeah, who cares. Star Wars, innit? Back to Call of Duty. Remember when certain people were certainly outraged about the fact that you could play as a female or black Nazi? I mean, that’s positively scandalous… Blacks in the German army? Females holding guns? THIS HAS NO PLACE IN A REALISTIC DEPICTION OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR! Read more