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Sunday WRUP

Because life is strange.

Anyway, what is/has everyone (been) playing over the weekend?

Thomas: Played some Fable Fortune (the CCG). Shame the playerbase is almost gone at this point. Really solid CCG otherwise.

Scroo: Hopefully more Vermintide and God of War. I'm also planning on picking up Battletech cos I'm a sucker for XCom style mech combat. And it'll be late by the time this gets posted but, Friday I'm doing some chalk art for the local Butterfly Festival.

Cody: Still going through Blood and Wine. Hoping to start Styx this weekend if I got some free time

Tru: Well playing more God if War (hoping for a new game plus soon) but I just picked up the expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn so I'm going to start a new game plus of that then move onto the expansion

AJ: Star Wars: Episode I Racer and more ACA Neo-Geo stuff.

Greywolfe: daily quest things. but also OH MY GOD A REAL GAME. yeah. i've beat it before. but eh. i don't care. i'm replaying banjo kazooie.


Statistical wrupup

So apparently Sea of Thieves is Microsofts most successful new IP this generation. Great job Microsoft, buuuut....

A: Thanks to Play Anywhere, you probably have some PC players mixed in those numbers
B: and although you had Play Anywhere previously, no new IP supported it at launch until SoT
C: which also leads me to remind everyone, that there weren't a lot of new Microsoft IP releases on Xbox for a while, or this generation in general. There was Quantum Break, ReCore and Sunset Overdrive. That's pretty much it.

But hey, what's everyone playing over the weekend? Read more

Wrup are video games again?

I had another awful week, so I have zero knowledge of what happened in gaming. How about you guys tell me in the comments instead?

Seriously, all I gathered was Drake streaming something on Twitch. Good for him, I guess. And Twitch. And whatever game he played.

Anyway, what is everyone playing during the weekend? Read more

Austria is a fucking nazi country…wrup

That whole violent video game debate, oh boy... but how about something even more disturbing?

We have a political party in our government which (in the best case scenario/this is just the stuff that was recently documented) has professional politicians in its ranks that wish for Adolf Hitler to return, who are part of fraternities that sing old Nazi songs, who've been pictured doing the Hitler Salute (unironically). And now a heavily armed police force under the command of a member of said party raided our Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and apparently seized documents concerning right wing extremism including a full list of informants, possibly even stuff shared by foreign agencies.

If you don't know shit about austria: We are a wealthy western democracy, sandwiched between Germany and Italy. Our biggest cultural exports: Mozart, Hitler and Red Bull (which btw. is owned by Didi Mateschitz, who is also a strong supporter of the far right, keep that in mind next time you'll buy a Red Bull). We've been bombed to hell already. We've still have concentration camps in the country to remind us of what has happened here. One would think we would have learned the lesson.

Never underestimate the threat of fascism.

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I finally got back into making games yesterday, or at least learning how to do it. Current project is a small satirical platformer. More info on that once (or if) I actually have something to show that isn’t just a bunch of placeholder graphics. But yeah, enjoyed playing around with it so far. Making games can be fun. Try it! Read more