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French Fire map, Mariposa CA -- Watch Duty Screenshot

It's hot up in here. Now I'm not saying Palm Springs hot, but today is supposed to get to 107 around here. Thankfully power is back for most of us, the French fire had it all turned off for what felt like forever. In reality it was probably just over 24 hours, but when it's this hot and there's no electricity to run a cooler or AC and you live in an old double wide mobile from the '70s it's as hot inside as it is outside except without direct sun.For some reason my generator isn't getting fuel either. I spent some time taking the carburetor of and cleaning fuel lines but no good. And i know it works because if I sprayed ether in the carb it would fire up and run a second. I may just need to soak the carb in some cleaner for a while because it seems like it's just not picking up fuel.

Yesterday was miserable for a lot of people. The French fire came basically right into the town I live near. It may have burned part of the high school I went to. I have two friends who's homes were just a few hundred yards away from it. All in all the fire is barely 900 acres as of the last update, but it's still only around 20 percent contained. Thankfully it's in an area now that doesn't threaten people's homes. The thumbnail there is a fire map, the red shows the affected area and the yellow represents areas still without electricity. As of this post that map was updated around 13 hours ago. It's still burning, but it's much slower moving now and there's a lot of air support on this one.

Here's hoping the fire crews are getting what they need because in this heat wearing 70 lbs of fire retardant gear while hiking all over the hillsides and rocks and through brush to manually dig fire lines makes heat illness a real risk. The app being used here to monitor this activity is called Watch Duty. It's completely free and shows live updates for fires anywhere you may be affected. You can even track aircraft in real time fighting the fires if you choose, but I wouldn't recommend that without being on WIFI unless you're data is truly unlimited because it'll eat through whatever mobile plan you've got really fast like that. In any case I'd highly recommend this app if you or someone you know lives in a fire danger area. Not a plug, just a credit where it's due.

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The PlayStation State of Play, Xbox Games Showcase & Nintendo Direct Formerly Known as E3 – 2024 Edition

A few weeks ago, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, all held their annual May/June video presentations to show gamers what titles they can get excited about playing in the coming months and/or years. While these late spring announcements used to coincide with the long-running, world-famous Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, sadly that event is no more. Thankfully, the video game industry remembers and still carries on the long-standing tradition, with or without a central physical venue to do it from; and as long as they continue do so, we will strive to do our part and cover them. Please read on for some of the highlights.

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WRUP On Fire

It's hot. Today is going to busy, of course and our first one over 100 degrees. I feel like I don't actually have more than a few minutes of free time any  longer and not for any good reason. Yesterday was a good slow day though so I took advantage. Anyway here's a WRUP. Read more

WRUP Time Has Come

I'm back for the WRUP. I missed last week because things are so busy. This weekend is also busy, especially Sunday. Not only is it father's day but I'm also mixing and pouring 90 bags of concrete for a job by myself.  Anyway, it's not busy for a couple of hours yet so I decided to sit down and get a WRUP on the board. So let's see what's up today. Spoilers, it's a bit of a rant.
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Some WRUP This Is

Good morning, day or evening to you all and word up to all your homies in their various hoods. It is I, Scrooloose, and today I have very little for an actual WRUP. I've been busy AF working and when I'm not working I'm getting ready for summer fire clearance. Cal Fire will soon be out taking notes during drive by evaluations and I'd very much like it if they don't ignore my home in the event of a wild fire. Here's hoping for no major wild fires this season, much like last, but this is a big hope. It's drying up fast around here and we're already expecting hot, near 100 degree temperatures by next week. Not to be confused by hot tempuratures, which would just be a nice battering and delicious with soy sauce or wasabi. Read more

Notable New Gaming Releases: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, and More…

Well, another month and incredibly, this year will already be half over. Insanity. But at least it's been filled with some pretty fantastic new games thus far. Why, even this past week saw the release of a sequel to Ninja Theory's award-winning 2017 title, Hellblade, as well as a Switch remake of the absolutely phenomenal 2004 GameCube classic, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. In fact, TTYD is widely regarded as one of the better Mario games ever made, Paper or otherwise, so if you've never had the privilege to play it, now is the time.

Also out in the last 15 weeks, a pair of fantastic Toaplan arcade shoot 'em ups; and a follow-up to Capcom's somewhat underrated 2012 action RPG, Dragon's Dogma. A comical adventure that pops off the pages! Jump past the break to see more new releases from the last 105 days.

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Some WRUP This Is

What's up everyone? I have returned. I've been battling various sickness that has kept me from being entirely coherent and I missed last week all together, sorry for that. Just can't read or type or really even stand up when you're spinning from vertigo. Not a fun time. So far so good though the last few days. I went back to work for the first time in three weeks yesterday. I hope this stuff is all gone. I don't get sick often, but hooo boy when I do... Anyway let's see some WRUP things. Read more

A WRUP Is What You Need

Good morning everyone. It is I, Scrooloose, and once again it's time to do a WRUP. It's a beautiful Saturday morning and soon it'll busy AF for my entire day as I'm hosting a BBQ this evening and I also need to grocery shop for said BBQ. Okay let's go right to it. Read more

Don’t Taze Me WRUP

Word up people of the internet who still come here for this weekly WRUP for some reason. I've been sick AF with a really gnarly sinus infection so I haven't felt like writing much, but today I'm going to (surprise) editorialize a little about this whole Sony, Helldivers 2 sich. Read more