Soundtrack Included: 12 of the Best CD Console Games with Playable Audio Tracks

After a trial launch in Japan in October of 1982, the compact disc was first released in the West in March, the following year. It was a digital stranger in an analog world. Yet it was able to completely revolutionize the record industry in less than a decade. The compact disc would subsequently go on to do the same for computer software, and shortly thereafter, video game consoles.

The first company to utilize this technology for a game console would be NEC, with their 1989 CD-ROM add-on to the TurboGrafx-16, the TurboGrafx-CD/PC Engine CD-ROM2 (and later Super CD/TurboDuo). They would soon be followed by Sega, who would release a CD add-on for their own Genesis (Mega Drive) console in 1992, known as the Sega (Mega) CD. Several others would also appear in the years that followed, including Sega's Genesis/Sega CD follow-up, the Saturn, as well as Sony's incredibly successful PlayStation console. Eventually, the industry would begin to experiment with other, similar formats, starting in 1999 with what would sadly be Sega's final home console, the GD-ROM equipped Dreamcast.

While the formats would continue to evolve over the years, first to DVD, then Blu-ray, and finally Ultra HD Blu-ray, digital disc media use in the video game industry has continued on, right up to the present day. Yet, despite having inferior storage capacity and being more prone to piracy, CDs were always able to offer one thing that none of the disc formats that have followed since could, the ability to double as an audio disc. That being said, not every CD game released came with audio tracks on the disc, and the number of TurboGrafx-CD and PlayStation releases that boasted them was somewhat limited. A pretty significant number of Sega CD and Saturn games all did, however.

That specific feature makes all of those consoles a particular boon to both those nostalgic for that era of gaming, and general audiophiles alike. As one who considers himself to be in both of those camps, and as a service to like-minded individuals, I thought I might take it upon myself to compile a list of some of the best CD games to include playable audio tracks on the disc. Continue on after the break to see 12 of the best of these games to appear on these consoles. I'm also including the composer, year of release, and number of audio tracks (not counting blank and/or unplayable data tracks).

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The WRUP Is Upon US

Hey there everyone. We survived the end of March and made it to April, even seeing some pretty great April fools jokes on the internet. One from CD Projekt Red advertising a limited edition of Cyberpunk 2077 installable from 97,619 floppies. They say it should take around two months of non-stop floppy disk swapping to be playable. That one made me laugh pretty good. There was also one that had me going for a moment until I read a few details in about Nvidia buying Xbox from Microsoft in order to better compete with Playstation. Which honestly doesn't sound too terribly out of the range of possibility until you get into the details: Dual GPU SLI configuration and AI to power the box... yeah.  Tweaktown you almost had me for a moment there. The article even contains renderings of the NVidia Xbox. Pretty fun times. Read more

Nice Steaming WRUP

Happy weekend, everyone. It's Time for WRUP again. It's before 6:30am here, I just sat down with a cup of coffee and I'm figuring on getting a couple things down before I just fire up Helldivers 2 and liberate the countryside. So let's get to it. Read more

Sunday Morning WRUP

It's Sunday. It's a WRUP. It's Sunday WRUP. Imagine I did that in a voice such as classic CBS Sunday Morning host, the late Charles Kuralt. And if you're old enough to know who Charles Kuralt was are you sure you're in the right place? I mean I remember him so maybe you are. Maybe I'm not? Anyway, happy Sunday everyone. Let's play Helldivers 2 - I mean it's WRUP time and I definitely didn't forget that yesterday because I was playing Helldivers 2 before going to work, coming home and playing Helldivers 2. No sir, not at all. Steel trap, this memory of mine. Read more

Notable New Gaming Releases: Batsugun, Tekken 8, and More…

Welcome to the first notable new releases post of 2024. Since the last post wasn't since late October, I've made sure to round up some of the more prominent releases from the end of 2023, as well as the beginning of this year. This last week saw a very notable release with a GOG version of Toaplan's final shmup, the legendary arcade classic, Batsugun. Aside from arguably being their all-time best shooter, Batsugun is also famous for being the very first manic (aka bullet hell) shoot 'em up game. It may be great, but it's definitely not easy!

Also out in the last 16 weeks, the 8th installment to the long-running and incredibly popular Tekken series; the next entry in the also long-running and popular Yakuza/Like a Dragon series; and the first official sequel to the excellent 2012 Arcade fighter (and it's multiple updated ports), Under Night In-Birth. Take on the final chapter in Toaplan's Shmup saga, then jump past the break to see more new releases from the last 112 days.

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Get Yer WRUP Here

Good day to you, I hope this WRUP finds you well. It's the weekend and though the storms have passed there is much water, ice and snow left their wake. However the sun is warm for such a winters day and this may mean the snow will be melted in time for the Superbowl party to be held here tomorrow. Diets will be set aside as there will be many chili boats to be had. Beer will flow cold and the pizzas will be hot. Those who join us should plan on heavily filled bellies and antacids to relieve the inevitable reflux to follow. Here, below are more WRUP related issues. Read more