The Days Of Our WRUP

Fall officially starts this weekend and honestly I'm not ready for it. Not that I'm complaining about the cooler weather it's just that I know every restaurant, coffee shop, pub, food truck and grill will start shoving that awful pumpkin spice crap in everything they sell. That stuff belongs in one thing and that's pumpkin pie. The end. Let's get to WRUP. Read more

Get Your Hands On This WRUP

Hello there everyone and welcome to another pre-wrup greeting. I'm Scrooloose and it's early. I was hoping to sleep in but instead the early morning anxious "awoos" of a husky wolf dog that I live with had me making sure she could get outside before there was a cleanup on isle living room type incident. So here I sit with my coffee and WRUP list just after 6:30 in the morning, but I don't have weekend work to do so at least I can chill a bit today. For now though, let's look at some WRUP related items to whet your gaming whistles. Read more

The Sega Dreamcast: A 2×12-Year Retrospective

Due to the abysmal performance of Sega's disastrous Saturn console, and not long before its premature cancellation, Sega set about development of their next generation of video game hardware. In an effort to cut costs, and to make sure that the Saturn's successor would be easy to create games for, Sega opted to use preexisting, off-the-shelf PC components and a custom Windows operating system, in favor of more complicated proprietary options. The new console would also share architecture with Sega's own NAOMI arcade hardware, which was developed around the same time, thus all but ensuring it would be the recipient of a steady stream of home-playable arcade hits, pretty much from day one. Finally, Sega decided to give the system a built-in modem for online play and internet access, the first console to include such a feature.

After finalizing the hardware specifications, a public contest was held by Sega to name their new system and "Dreamcast" was selected out of more than 5,000 entries. In order to avoid the same anemic launch that the Saturn had suffered, Sega took steps to have plenty of Dreamcast games available to choose from when the console made its North American debut on 09/09/1999. Sega also acquired American sports game developer Visual Concepts to ensure that the system's library would be adequately stocked with a variety of great sports titles, both at launch, and over the months and potentially years to follow. In addition (and as they did for all of the company's previous consoles), Sega's other internal studios all worked diligently to provide the Dreamcast with a multitude of high-quality first-party fare over the console's life.

Despite making a number of savvy decisions with the design and launch of the Dreamcast, Sega was ultimately unable to sell enough systems to cover their past losses on the Saturn. Nor were they able to gain enough market share to turn the tables on Sony and Nintendo. Eventually, the Dreamcast also began to burden Sega with losses and so, just over a year and a half into its life, they reluctantly exited the console industry altogether. It is said that the candle that burns half as long burns twice as bright. That may have been true in the Dreamcast's case. It's difficult to name another console that was able to amass such an amazingly diverse library of incredible titles over such a short run. Please read on for a list of the very best of these games to ever have graced Sega's final console.

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I’m The WRUP Now

I'll tell you what guys, I'll take these cool mornings like this happily. It's barely 60 degrees out and the humidity is 90 percent giving us that lovely petrichor smell. It's a good morning to be outside enjoying the fresh air on a chill Saturday. I'll suppose I'll finish this WRUP first. Then I'll probably beat my head against some AC6 bosses. Beltarius took me 53 tries. I counted. I'm not even mad. Or bitter. Read more

WRUP’ing the Storm

Good morning all. It's another Saturday and I have some prep to do before Monday's expected rain. Some bags of concrete to get covered and or moved. I've got some gym equipment I need to move inside. I need to double check the chainsaws and make sure they're covered along with the fuel cans. Generally just making sure things that would be outright ruined by rain do not get ruined. Southern CA is expecting a tropical storm or even category one hurricane and that would be the first time since the late 1930's. Way up here where I'm at it's looking like a quick inch of rain, which is awesome. I'll take the cool weather and the moisture to wash the air clean. If you're going to be affected by this storm, stay safe and be ready if you're in the areas expected to be harder hit. This is unusual, don't underestimate it. Read more

WRUP & Chill

Good morning everyone. It's a fairly mild Saturday here and as I sit enjoying my first cup of coffee I'm noticing how quiet it is. No mowers, blowers or chanisaws as folks keep on property management. No skid steers and back-up alarms, trenchers and traffic control as the street is torn apart to underground some new phone lines. One hopes this includes fiber for some internet speeds to finally take this place out of 2005. Of course it is the weekend so the crews won't be out. Even just the occasional bird and the whoosh of a car going by. Maybe it'll be a pretty chill day. Read more

Notable New Gaming Releases: Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons, Pikmin 4, and More…

Well, the year is more than halfway over and we're beginning to witness the release of some pretty interesting titles. This past week saw the return of the Lee brothers in a brand new entry in the legendary Double Dragon series. Double Dragon Gaiden looks to be largely inspired by last year's outstanding arcade-esque TMNT beat 'em up, Shredder's Revenge. Assuming the developer nailed more than just the art style, this too may be one that's well worth checking out.

Also out in the last 5 weeks, the 4th numeric installment to Nintendo's charming Pikmin series; a pretty fun-looking family-friendly 4-player platformer starring Mickey Mouse & friends; and GOG ports of Sega's Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Double Fine's The Cave. Double Dragon Returns with tag team action. Jump past the break to see more new releases from the last 35 days.

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