What the WRUP is This Anyway?

Oh boy it's another WRUP written a day late. I was so busy yesterday prepping for this atmospheric river storm that's currently rolling in that I just didn't have time to sit down and write even a quick weekend greeting. But on this early morning Sunday before 7:00am I've got my coffee and a couple of topics to talk about. Read more


Good morning everyone. It's time for another fall weekend WRUP and I'm just the guy to bring it to you on what is hopefully a beautiful, crisp morning for everyone. At least for those of us in the northern Hemisphere. Here's to a lovely weekend. Let's get to the topics. Read more

SnowRunner – Amur – Opinion

I've been playing SnowRunner for nearly six hundred hours and I'm only into season four of the game. Let that sink in a minute. Five hundred and eighty-ish hours of driving around in the mud, snow, through and over ice covered lakes and rivers at around eight miles an hour. It sounds boring AF but man I love this game. Read more

Fall Time WRUP-Tober

Welcome to another WRUP for the weekend. October is in swing and the fall weather is shouldering its way to the front of the line pretty quickly. We had some rain here yesterday and even some snow a couple thousand feet higher up. Oak trees are seeing a color change and my tomato plants are dying. No loss there, the tomatoes sucked this year. Today it's a beautiful crisp and sunny morning and for the first time in quite a while there's no wildfire smoke in the air, thanks to that aforementioned rain. I'm growing a beard, not sure how I like it yet. It's that time of year. Here's hoping you all out there are also having a good chill morning/day or evening depending on when you see this. Let's talk about some stuff and things. Read more

The Good The Bad and The WRUP

Well fellow human beings, it's another weekend and that means another WRUP. Weather has been beautiful here in CA the last few days, though as of yesterday the smoke is making its way back into the stagnant, sky choking form it's been taking for the last couple of months. That happens though when land management is bad and there's a drought and within the last few years there's been a mass die off of trees and oh human influenced climate change is in fact a real thing that lies atop the natural cycle of Earth's already fragile climate and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is almost two hundred percent of it's safe levels. Do you guys know that even though CA is actually a leader in clean energy and efforts to combat climate change that we also have on a regular basis the worst air quality in the nation? Mega fires, man... geez. Locally we've been pretty lucky not to have a huge fire in our back yard like the past maybe six years. At least there's that, I guess. You'll hear people, tourists and the sort, around here asking why anyone would live here with the fires and the constant threat of earthquakes. But if you think about it everywhere has it's issues. I mean yeah we've got these ever worsening fires, a drought that won't go away, and I feel earthquakes actually almost weekly because Mammoth Mountain (an active volcano) isn't actually too far from where I live, but what's the east coast got? Hurricanes, flooding, power shortages. How about the central US? Tornadoes, fires, ice storms, lightning, floods... The lists can go on and on. I guess it's just what you're willing to put up with. Or at the very least what you'd consider normal living conditions if you've been in it your whole life. Anyway I'm getting way off topic and rambling on here, let's talk about some more WRUP related items shall we? Happy weekend everyone. Read more

AJ’s 2021 E3/Nintendo Direct & September PlayStation Showcase Roundup

Sorry for the delay in posting the usual June E3 news but I (like so many others) was waiting on Sony to get with the program and give the fans at least some idea of what they can expect to get excited about over the next year or two. Well, a year later Covid-19 still wouldn't take a hint and kindly flock off so this year's E3 event still wasn't the typical show everyone is used to. It was back, though, online only and rebranded as the "Electronic Entertainment Experience", but I'll always take some kind of a show over no show at all.

Microsoft and Bethesda got things going with their first E3 press conference as one singular industry titan. Followed shortly after by Nintendo, who did their now-standard E3 Nintendo Direct presentation. Sony, however, decided it was too cool for school, skipped E3 altogether and waited till just this month to hold their own upcoming releases showcase. But now that we've heard from all 3 players, I can finally round up the highlights for you.

Read more