Yet Another WRUP

Dr. S is apparently "working" trying to make money to "pay bills" and "eat food" so he can "survive" or some nonsense so I'm here with another WRUP.

Guys I swear we have new content coming soon. Cody is working hard on what I'm sure is very detailed and in depth look at Steep. I know Greywolfe has some things in his backlog that he's been working out. I myself am planning on writing something new, probably right after this WRUP.

In the meantime have you guys seen this new game called The Surge? I'm pretty interested in it since it looks a lot like a "Souls" title but set in a sci-fi universe. Check it out here on their site and when you're done... What's everyone playing?

Greywolfe: super mario 3d world. i've gotten very nearly every character to the last world at this point, so it's just a case of sitting down and doing that. and then the struggle begins, evidently. [i didn't clear that up because i'm trying to get the stamps and that required getting everyone through every level. dumb nintendo design is dumb.] - playing through abzu again and it's still incredibly beautiful. that and a mind forever voyaging/quest for glory 3, both of which i have been terrible about and haven't picked up.

Andrew: Possibly/probably (prossably?) Injustice 2.

Trulegendkiller: More Mass Effect: Andromeda. I'm now on my second playthrough.

Scrooloose: So mainly I think this weekend will about playing more Styx. The Surge looks interesting as well so I might research that some, but probably not much else besides.