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So the newest and allegedly last Star Wars movie came out this week and I'm waiting to see it until Thursday because I don't want the crowds. But I'm hearing it's pretty polarizing. You love it or you hate it. I dunno, I guess I'll find out for myself after Christmas time.

Netflix has The Witcher series on lock. I have only seen the first episode at the time of this WRUP but I can definitely say I'll be watching more. I never read the books, which the series bases its story on than more than the games, but I will say that I'm pleasantly surprised by Henry Cavill's performance as Geralt. I did not have faith in that from the start and I'm happy I seem to be wrong about it now. Not everyone agrees that the series is good. I've read articles saying things like the show has a very frat boy nature, citing the nudity first and foremost along with the camp of bad writing and the hard to watch, dreary scenery. These people have clearly never read the books or played the games because it all seems pretty on point to me. Not to mention there was once a show called, Chair Games, Fun With Thrones - something like that it seems like way in the past that if I remember correctly also had tons of nudity and dreary scenery but everyone liked it just fine... Anyway there's my opinion that nobody asked for.

Epic wants to sue Google over the Play Store's in app purchase structure. Epic is saying it's illegal because of Google's fee for said purchases being 30%. They're also saying that because of that fee, Epic isn't making enough money on purchases from the Google store.

I'm no lawyer or anything but that seems pretty thin to me. Epic sells on Google Play just like everyone else who sells on Google Play and just like everyone else they have to follow the rules of Google Play.

Happy Holidays from us here to you and yours. Whether it's a small gathering, quiet alone time, or a big family shindig we wish you all the best.

What's everyone playing?

Yoda: well I get myself a nice little Christmas break this weekend. And I'll definitely make some time to finally try out Disco Elysium. But obviously more Warframe (Warframe is life) and crazy hyped to watch the Witcher.

Greywolfe: i am not around for the next two or so weeks. no games for me. [have to go and visit with the family for the holidays. something i'm not looking forward to :)

Scroo: More MechWarrior 5 for me and some Borderlands 3 new game plus. And family and friends for Christmas around here next week.

AJ:Having myself a Star Wars weekend with some more Jedi - Fallen Order and the remaster of Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast. Also going to try to see the new movie. Fingers crossed.

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