WRUPerBowl Weekend

Yay teams, go sportsball, let's do a win!


What's up everyone? Oh yeah, FOootBAaaaaLLLLlll! It's time for the big sportsgame again. I don't care about either team. So I think I'll put my good energy toward the Chiefs because let's be honest, Brady has had a long enough run. I'll be watching alone and probably have a beer or two and like, some popcorn or something. I dunno, for once in a long time I'm just not that excited for the Superbowl. But hey, good luck to the teams who earned the spot, here's hoping it's a good show.

In other news, You've probably already seen it but the NZXT H1 PC case still carries a risk of fire due to it's shoddy GPU riser card/cable. The issue stems from a screw hole in PCB not being grounded during manufacturing and the screw can come into contact directly with the 12 volt plane in the board. NZXT isn't the manufacturer of the riser but they did choose the company to work with and that doesn't give them a pass. However they do seem to be handling the issue fairly well by giving out nylon screws to anyone with the case. They've had a sort of soft recall with retailers in order to put in updated PCB's and are seeking a full public recall. This is all well and good but the issue has been prevalent for months now and it's only a matter of time before someone burns down a house when they leave their computer on and go pick up the kids from school. The issuing of the nylon screws is also a slow process with folks who have applied for them a few months back not getting them yet. NZXT also falsely claims the nylon screws to be a "fix" to the problem. This isn't true, the problem still exists. For instance if you didn't know about this fire risk due to a simple short and you bought this from someone, noticed that there were some crappy nylon screws holding your riser in place and then replaced them with more stable metal screws... blam -your GPU is shorted, your case is on fire, your house is on fire etc. Nylon screws are a work around, and it's perfectly viable but be aware that it could take quite a while to get them. In the meantime there's a quick and pretty solid workaround using some small zip ties shown in a video from JayzTwoCents. I'll put that below.

Okay what's the game plan? See what I did there?

AJ: Burnout: Revenge and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Grewywolfe: it's 4if! so i'm playing hero's quest 1. because of course i am. lol. [and that's very nearly done.] i think the next game i want to try - and see if it isn't too tropey and awful - is it came from the desert. my plan is to /try/ to stick to old ega games for this year. but of course, i might get very, very waylaid. lastly and as always: more magic, because i - evidently - have a problem.

Scrooloose: SnowRunner still for me. Deep Rock Galactic released their new biomes and they've been very fun, so lots more of that. I also finally reinstalled BulletStorm. What a crazy, fast paced and particularly vulgar shooter that is. Never did get a sequel but it certainly deserves one.

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