WRUPed in a blanket

Ok, so I’ve only managed to sleep an average of 4 hours/night this week and of course on the day my parents come to visit, I suddenly get a sleep overdose with almost 13 hours…

I’m also hungry, but THIS IS THE WRUP! And the Wrup is not a place to lament on woes my life tends to entertain itself with, especially not when the gaming scene is this active. So don’t let me keep you from playing Destiny 2 or whatever else tickles your thumbs right now. Which brings us to the question we ask here every week:

What are you playing over the weekend?


Thomas: Again, parents are visiting, so I won’t be playing anything over the weekend. But since I preordered Destiny 2 on the PC, I’m actually able to do this without going through loot withdrawal.

Scroo: More Bayonetta for me this weekend and maybe some Space Hulk: Deathwing. Of course Vermintide as always. I've sort of fallen away from Prey, though it's been very good I think I'm not in the head space it takes to play it lately. I'll have to come back in a while with fresh eyes. I'd really like to pick up Divinity Original Sin 2, but alas I need to stop spending money at such an accelerated pace so it'll have to wait.

Cody: Not Rocksmtih. #FuckUbisoft. Sigh. Prolly gonna play Paragon more, and I've got the Stellaris itch again. And apparently Divinity 2 is out! Definitely gotta try that shit. Hit me up if anyone's interested in trying the DnD mode :P

Greywolfe: oh thank god.  i'm done with larry 6.  i never want to play that game again in my life.  good god.  i'm trundling my way through damien's dates in dream daddy [and am just about done with that arc and about to start the next] - i also got done with the "final, hero's ending" for stories.  so now i'm just going to go for everything else.  that and i'm playing a little more of the latest shovel knight expansion [speter of torment.] - i booted up and futzed around with jotun, but haven't sat down with it seriously.  i am also super close to polishing off kyrandia 2.

AJ: I'm teaching my son how to play baseball, so Mario Superstar Baseball (in addition to going outside and demonstrating it non-virtually).