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It's getting hot around here these days and probably where you are too if you live in the northern hemisphere. It's times like this that make me want to sit indoors under the cooler and brush up on my vocabulary so I can hold intelligent conversations with people who are real smart. Lucky for myself and others like me, we have the Pronunciation Manual on the ol' YouTubes to help get us by. I'll post a word of the day below.

Anyway, It's the weekend and you know what that means... I assume.

What's everyone playing?

Trulegendkiller: Reigns for Gameclub, Went back to replay Uncharted 2, and finished (finally) Horizon Zero Dawn.

Andrew: Still hooked on Injustice 2. I hate the forced grind they subject you to if you want to level up and get new gear (and also if you just don't feel like shelling out for premier skins). But fortunately, the game itself is satisfying enough to not make it feel like too much of a chore.

Greywolfe: reigns again!  and more sm3dw.  i'm almost back at the spot i was at before my save got corrupted.  so, yay?  that plus costume quest...and quest for glory 3...and a mind forever voyaging. i've never played through costume quest before [only seen it played] so it's...sort of fun? i feel like it has problems in the "my first rpg" department, though.

Yoda: Reigns and Dota 2

Scrooloose: As with the others I'll be playing some more Reigns for Game Club. Certainly I'll be playing more Vermintide (gotta finish those contracts for epic loots) and I'm very likely to crack and pull the trigger on picking up The Surge this weekend.

Dr. S.: I don't know... he didn't say


  1. Tim Chesson says:

    GTA V has risen from the dead and has possessed me lately. It started off with watching Sheriff Eli and his role playing streams on Twitch, now I’ve picked up where I left off with the story on my PC copy, and I grabbed a copy for the X1 to play the online portion with a couple of friends. And this is a game series that I’ve walked away from, completely done, more times than I can recall. Shows what I know, huh?

    I do need to get back to my AC: Rogue play through, before I’m away too long and lose my momentum. And I’d like to get in a few rounds of PUBG while I’m at it. But as I type this on Saturday evening, it’s been nothing but GTA V since Friday night.

    Send help.

  2. brokedownsystem says:

    after putting Let It Die on hiatus when I hit a rare materials wall to upgrade nearly everything in my inventory, I have been doing nothing but catching up on my movie/tv backlog list for the past few months.

    watching “F is for Family” season 2.

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