WRUP: We Are Not Legion Edition

Did you catch all that news about the new World of Warcraft expansion? Did it feel to you like twelve year old Metzen was running rings around forty+ year old Metzen saying “YOUR GAME NEEDS MORE COOL THINGS?!” No? That was just me? Oh well. Maybe you’re going to play World of Warcraft this weekend, who knows? But this is what Twinstiq is up to:

  • Andrew (Twitter): I might check out the new (old) DLC in Smash Bros this weekend. Normally, I'd be pretty put off by this piecemeal DLC model they've got going (not to mention re-selling a lot of the older stuff they probably should have included from the start), but I am such a sucker for Smash that I hardly even care.
  • Dante: I'm playing the pack everything in sight game because I'm moving. I'll leave the PC for last to play Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and TF2.
  • Strangethumb (Twitter): Still at Gamescom. Most of the weekend will be spent in lines probably, trying out the consumer experience. We'll see how that goes. Would love to try some Battlefront, but i fear that would be the only thing i'll do that day.
  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): in larry, we are going to meet patti again and she's going to meet up with pc hammer to suss out more secrets.  kyrandia 1 is slowly winding down, now, since i'm at the endgame - there's just the royal castle left to explore.  hearthstone tavern brawls continue!  and also more magic duels:  origins, because i don't feel like stainless have kicked me in the teeth enough.
  • Hasenpfeffer: Picked up Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark on clearance at Best Buy. Maybe the best worst $19 I've spent in a while. Also playing some Rocket League and maybe some Trove.
  • Pixelatedzen (Twitter): Working on a Java program that's been giving me probems, and then playing some more Shadow of the Horned Rat and possibly Magic Duels
  • Tisnight (Twitch): Started playing rocket league on my ps4 with some friends but because of work this weekend I'll be only able to play some hearthstone in my spare time.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Still can't stop playing Rocket League when I get a few spare minutes. I'll most likely start to pick up Dota2 again after I go check out the International live in a movie theater this weekend. :smile: So that's going to be fracking amazing!