WRUP …of the gods.

I have slowly but surely been grinding away at a "perfect game" of Saints Row 3 [minus stealing and loading all the cars into my garage, because even that seems a bit overboard for me.]

As of about three hours ago, I became an invincible god [more-or-less - I still somehow got killed on a watercraft because I was trying to blow up other watercraft.  I have no idea how that works?!] - and it's made the game more-or-less what it should have been from the start:  a busted, fantasy simulation of power.  It has mostly trivialized the game, of course, but eh.  I'm having fun ;)

How about you guys?  Do you prefer the challenge of games like this prior to becoming a walking god?  Or do you prefer the ridiculous broken-ness of being a post-game/maxed out character.

Anyhow, now that we know I'm playing Saint's Row 3, let's check into what everyone else on the Twinstiq Team is doing:

Scrooloose:  Moar Grim Dawn! Also Ultimate Spider Man for Game Club when I get back home from Yoda's where we, along with Tru and a few friends of Twinstiq have reserved our Rogue One tickets. Exite!

Trulegendkiller:  Ultimate Spider-Man for Game Club. Back to Halo 2: Anniversary and more of The Last Guardian.

yoda:  I will be playing avoid the internet come Friday morning to avoid any and all Rouge One discussion infill I can see the film [editor's note:  hope you made it!]. Till then it's Ultimate Spider-Man and more Alien Isolation!

greywolfe (youtube, twitter):  saints row 3, ultimate spider man and torin's passage.  saint's row three just did a dumb thing and lost 2.5 hours of play, so i had to do that again.  hopefully there will be no more of that.  ultimate spider man's mappings are kind of weird and i need to fix that and torin's passage is a game i played about two years ago, now.  thought i'd give it another whirl.  i don't expect my feelings to change about it, but eh.  [editor's update!  I'm now at the broken, broken part of Saint's Row 3.  And past the WORST part of Torin's Passage, too.]

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