WRUP – might include some strong language

I haven’t really slept much over this week, not at all today, so my mood is a bit on the jumpy side and I might be easily angered, but maybe that’s a good thing today. Maybe somebody needs to throw a fucking tantrum today.

Dear gaming industry: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

So I started Destiny two days ago, only to discover that they added a premium currency. Isn’t it enough that you screwed up the original release, that you put out two over-priced and shitty DLCs you kinda needed to continue playing online and only recently released a $40 add-on that finally brings the game to the level of quality it should have had when it launched?

Then there was the whole MGS 5 saga, with the paying for protection. And I always thought Konami was based in Japan, not Sicily.

Then there was Payday 2, which patched in stat-changing skins you could only unlock by spending money. Best part: it was random and you could end up with a skin for a DLC weapon you don’t even own. Thankfully the community started a shitstorm and reacted by kicking people of the server who spent money on those skins.

And now there is the latest bit of Ubisoft wallet-fuckery. The new Rainbow Six will allow you to buy unlocks with actual money. Nothing new, I know, but there are two small details that make my piss boil: Some premium skins will only be available for real money, because Average Joe, who’s already having a hard enough time earning money to pay for rent, food and games, needs to be reminded that even though he already handed Ubisoft $70, he’s still a worthless pleb who doesn’t deserve everything that’s on the disc he bought and that there are people who have enough disposable income to piss it away on gold skins, aka. a stupidity-tax, aka. a taste-test.

But the bigger issue is their post-launch “support”. In Rainbow Six you will be able to recruit so called Operators. They act as your class and each comes with unique abilities, which leads to the possibility of balancing issues. The first will cost you 500 “renown”, the second 1000 and so forth. One hour of playtime will net you approximately 1000 renown. Sounds fair so far. The post-launch Operators which will get patched in are a different beast however. Each one of those will cost you 25.000. So that’s 25 hours of playtime for one. Bit much, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry, you can of course buy them with real money.
Sorry, but cutting out content from the main game, just so you can release it later on behind a huge wall of grind that is there to incentivize spending extra-money and then claim that it’s for the good of the player who doesn’t have the time to play your game all day, does not smell like roses. It smells like steamy diarrhea, filled into a super soaker and sprayed into your face.
At least own it. Don’t tell us bullshit fairytales, just say: “Yeah, we set that price because we want people to buy them with real money,“ or even better: go order your marketing department to create an ad that allows people to upload a photo of themselves which then gets pasted on someone being fucked in the ass by multiple Ubisoft executives at the same time who shout “DO YOU LIKE IT? HUH? DO YOU LIKE GETTING FUCKED IN THE ASS? THEN PREORDER RAINBOW SIX NOW!”
But what is everyone playing over the weekend?

  • Andrew (Twitter): Still playing through Halo 2 on PC. It's a bit rough on Windows 7 but I'm pushing through because I love Halo 2 (and also because I don't own a One). Team Fortress 2 until the Halloween event ends.
  • Dante: Team Fortress 2 until the Halloween event ends.
  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): i've been /real/ lazy this week:  police quest 3 is exactly where it was.  inca is close to finished.  i'm still ambling around in mechopolis in rex and i'm still messing around in hearthstone.  the tavern brawl is AMAZING this week.  [unite against mechazod.] - dear blizzard MORE OF THIS, PLEASE.  i finished spyro.  tl;dr:  spyro is...ok.  am now trying okami.
  • Scrooloose: Rocket League as always, Divinity Enhanced Edition has my attention solidly right now so I'll be playing a lot of that. Also still playing some Volgarr the Viking.
  • Steve: Getting in some last minute Destiny before Fallout takes over my life. Also Pokemon during bathroom breaks.
  • Thomas (Twitter): On vacation, so I won’t be playing anything besides maybe some Vita/3DS on the plane
  • Trish (Twitch): #preorderhype have both my fallout 4 and sc2 legacy of the void on their way to my house Tuesday, you can expect me to be streaming fallout 4 on twitch as a playthrough come watch!
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): I've been taking a break from Vermintide since I can't play half the levels because the level to unlock those is unbalanced as fuck. So I finally started Pillars of Eternity and spent some of my steam wallet (Dota earnings) on blood bowl 2. So I'll hopefully be giving that a shot and,avoiding getting sucked back into Hearthstone lol