WRUP Legends, Still #4if’ing

Well by now you've probably already seen Apex Legends. Developer, Respawn, launched this new battle royale, squad based hero shooter on Origin while saying nary a word about it. Kind of bad timing for a title to launch on Origin with Anthem right around the corner, but the games are different so they might stand apart. And here's the thing... I really don't like battle royale games or hero shooters, but Apex is somehow good even for me. Now, I'm not very good at it but I do okay. We do stream it on the Twinstiq, Twitch channel when we play so keep an eye on the Twitter for those announcements if you wanna come see us get plowed by people who actually are good this game. And if you're like me and just feel like everything about Fortnite is effing stupid and you wanna tear your eyeballs out every time you see any footage, or you find PubG slow and boring, or you think Overwatch and Quake Champions are just not quite what you expected, check out Apex Legends, because it really puts together the few good elements from all these kinds of games and makes a fun, totally free, well optimised, good looking title with some solid net code. There are still some small-ish bugs to work out but nothing game breaking. Things like server errors when heading back to the lobby, or the tutorial dialogue overlapping itself and obscuring what's being voiced. But it's easy to learn and again, even I like it.

In other news, the #4if is still going strong. I've forgotten just how hard Mega Man is, Tru has completed a story line in Kingdom Hearts 3, Grey has many an adventure game tied in knots and Yoda has had to reinstall Windows but I think he's also made some progress. However if you've ever had to reinstall Windows after a head crash and transfer any data you may have been able to save to new hardware and also had your external HDD fall face first in it's own grave, that could be a #4if challenge of it's own. RIP Yoda's old data, you will be missed.

Let's find out what's happening together like the friends and neighbors we are shall we?

Tru: Working on my #4if about 60+ hours into Kingdom Hearts III, then I will move onto Ori and the Blind Forest. MY goal is also to complete Cuphead and my fourth choice depends on funds because I would like it to be the Resident Evil 2 Remake.

AJ: #4if with some Far Cry 4 and Burnout: Crash!

Yoda: I'll be doing my best to crank out my first finish in #4if with Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Aside from that, I'll definately be hoping into more Apex Legends along with the rest of the world :P

Greywolfe: i'm 2/4 with #4if - space quest 1 [vga] and her majesty's spiffing are both done, so this weekend, i'm going to try and do some simon the sorcerer 2. i haven't played that since it released and i only very dimly remember it, so this should be interesting. i'm also still gaining levels in rogue legacy and i expect to be doing that for a LONG while. have a great weekend, folks :)

Scroo: Still working on #4if as well. I might be too old to play Mega Man these days since I'm having a hard time managing patterns and such. But Quake 4 is down and I've done a few runs in Dead Cells, all ending in failure. RE:2 will be easy enough to finish as it's just about pressing forward. But yeah, I'm also drawn into Apex Legends. Which is something strange for me because I greatly dislike hero shooters and battle royale games. But here I am, playing one (badly) and having a great time. What a world...

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