This week, some heavy metal. Because if we don't listen to it, we won't be able to determine if it will make us killers or not. They hide Satan in those arrangements, just like Barcodes, and Rap Music. We need to find it and show the world how it must be stopped, or the devil might make the world play video games...

Well, Anyway, What games are we playing this weekend?

Greywolfe: still doing daily quests.  hooray.  or something.  but i've actually started picking up real games again.  campaign two of etherlords ii is done.  i need to take a break from that game before i step into campaign 3, but it's been a blast, playing a 40 hour aaa game.  i'm very nearly at the end of space quest 5, too.  probably going to move over to quest for glory 4, after that.  and as for book of unwritten tales, i'm going to start in on that again, soon.

Andrew: Trying to resolve some annoying PC issues. If successful, I will probably be checking out some new-ish stuff on GOG and Steam. If not, I may revisit Fallout 4 on PS4.

Yoda0vgs: Still trying to finish up the Witcher, just started on the expansions, once im done with that Death March run ill prolly try out assassins Creed

Scroo: Snowed in this weekend it looks like so I'll be doing quite a bit of Netflix-ing and the like. Probably also some gaming cos that's my MO. Steep is more or less done but has been lots of fun. I imagine I'll continue in Grim Dawn and I might finally try getting really into Nioh.

Trulegendkiller: Having a Fucking Birthday Bitches!

Dr. Strangethumb: Wishing I was cool enough to go to Tru's Birthday party!


  1. Tim Chesson says:

    I played a few hours of PUBG with a friend on Friday night on the Xbox, and Saturday all I’ve played is the newly backwards compatible Crackdown on my Xbox. Damn I love that game, I hope the second one goes backwards compatible before the third one drops (hopefully) later this year.

    Beyond those, I haven’t played anything else this weekend. Tomorrow I think I’ll get back to my Demon’s Souls game and who knows what else.

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