WRUP is this all good for?

Took them long enough, but WB Games is finally in damage control mode. At the same time a shitstorm is hitting Austrian politics, because our social democratic party hired a PR guy who then created false-flag racist and anti-semitic FB pages. How the fuck are we still a thing? How did the human species survive all this time? Maybe Kim and Trump should hurry up some more and end our reign over this planet, because the level of incompetence we show each and every day is just too much for me.

Anyway, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: Really enjoying Golf Story on the Switch. Could use some more RPG elements and a less bugs, but it looks like there is a really good amount of content here and the golfing is top of the class.

Greywolfe: half way through dream daddy.  i like how the game will sometimes drop little surprises throughout playthroughs.  going to wind down stories soon, because i've only got a couple more alternates left to do.  then there's my buddy kyrandia 2.  i swore, up and down, that i'd do something about it this week, but instead, i just ignored it :P - however, i have started a very slow playthrough of space quest 5.  next stop?  a very, very big adventure game:  book of unwritten tales.  played it all the way through in 2012, or something.  want to replay it to see if it holds up.

Scroo: More Divinity Original Sin 2, 'cos feck yeh that's why. Hob has been an absolute pleasure so more of that as well. And the typical Vermintide rat disrespect should also take place. Or --Maybe none of that because I have company so we'll see what happens.

Tru: I've  gone back to playing Final Fantasy XV as more DLC dropped not to long ago and I have been getting my significant other into Final Fantasy and this is her first one. I have also been playing Mirror's Edge: Caralyst.  Between all of these I have been working my way through the Kingdom Hearts series. I am about to start Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix.

AJ: Cuphead, baby!

Cody: Oh it's a Dicemasters kind of Weekend for shizzles lol