Happy weekend everyone. There's an update about the H1 PC case from NZXT to look at.

Last weekend I mentioned that the NZXT H1 case has a pretty serious fire risk and that there have been a few work-arounds to help keep that risk to a minimum. Well now there's a formal recall for the case, specifically the PCIE riser cable, that has been enacted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and NZXT. It's actually a "fast track" recall and hopefully it'll get the affected parts out of people's hands with safe replacements to follow. Gamers Nexus has a video about it and I'll post it below so you can see in more detail for yourself.

I also mentioned last week that it was Superbowl time and hopefully the Chiefs would win because Tom Brady has had a long day in the sun already and even though I didn't really care about either team, hopefully it would at least be a good show. It was none of that. That was the most boring and disappointing Superbowl I've watched in quite a while. Not even the usually entertaining Superbowl ads helped much to alleviate the snooze fest. Still, congrats to the Bucs on only their second Superbowl win. The first was when the Bucs and Raiders went for it some years back. That was actually a fun game to watch.

Okay, what are we playing?

AJ: Burnout: Crash and Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.

Scroo: SnowRunner just added yet another expansion and have brought logging back to the series. Wisconsin is the place to be now. I'm not quite done in Canada yet but it's close and maybe I'll try and find the new trucks before I finish there and really move on. A little more BulletStorm will also be in the cards. Man that is just a super fun shooter for how short it is. And as always Deep Rock Galactic is keeping my co-op dreams alive. At least until Dark Tide comes along.

Greywolfe: well, magic. and for my second four in february game, i was trying to finish off it came from the desert, but my grandmother has passed away, and i need to leave town for that. so...nothing? for the next several weeks, at least. please be safe, folks.

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