WRUP: Happy Satur(n)day!

So , little known fact: today is actually the 24th anniversary of the American release of the Sega Saturn! And it's a Saturday. Saturn, Saturday...Satur(n)day! Get it Anyway, in honor of the occasion, I will be posting a retrospective in short order. I hope it will inspire you to celebrate the rest of this Satur(n)day in your own way.

First, however, we are in need of a WRUP! And since nobody else seems willing or able at present, and I, apparently, haven't done one in a very, very long time, the responsibility seems to have fallen to me this time around. Lucky me and lucky you.

What's everybody playing this weekend?

AJ: More Analogue Mega Sg! Also observing Satur(n)day with some Saturn classics like Virtua Cop 2, Guardian Heroes, and/or Sega Rally Championship.

Greywolfe: well, i got to the remix bosses of rogue legacy, and rogue legacy then did a cheat that i hate in games. most of that game is about upgrading YOUR characters until they're super strong. for the remix bosses, rogue legacy yanked you away from YOUR characters to give you subpar, underpowered, fixed characters of their design. not much fun. i gave up at that point. congratulations on upending the careful work you did building up the game until that point, developers. this leaves me with a gap that i'm going to be filling with inside. apart from that? more etherlords 2. i'm having a tug of war with that game where it's often one step forward and one step back. but that's ok. it's largely fun and that's what matters. i'm also winding my way through beneath a steel sky, which is awesome. and that's about it for me.

Tru: My kid got me Mortal Kombat 11 as an early Father's Day gift so I'll be playing that. Also try to get more into DMC 5... For some reason I'm having a hard time connecting with this game compared with DMC 3 and 4.

Yoda: Say it with me!!

Hell yeah. Oh and Dota.

"Cuz it's Summertime! And it's Dota Season... Gotta be so terrible at R P Gs"


And that concludes our WRUP for this week. Before we go, words to yo' momma: Have a Happy Mother's Day!

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