WRUP Fools’

There will be no WRUP this week.

APRIL FOOLS'! AHAHAHA. Yeah, sorry, I'm not feeling it today.

Anyway, what is everyone playing over the weekend?

Thomas: Mass Effect Andromeda until it crashes again. Otherwise something else. Maybe Snake Pass? That's kinda nice on the Switch. Also need to do some work for the Stellaris mod Star Trek New Horizons.

Cody: World of Goo for gameclub. Maybe some Steep and Rockband

Scroo: I'm still working on my second play through of NieR: Automata, 9S is perfectly capable but not quite as fun as 2B was. Hoping to have a review up soon once I get some extra screens shots that I'd still like to have. And I'm working on World of Goo for Game Club. Maybe I'll have a chance to drop into some more Vermintide as well.

AJ: Still revisiting my PSP. Working on some of my backlog there. I'd almost forgotten what a great little portable it was. I'm also still trying to make time for more Breath of the Wild, and having lots of fun playing it. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable saying it's the best Zelda game ever. Even for everything it does right, there still remains this lingering feeling that it's missing something: that extra little touch of polish that Nintendo games are typically known for. Regardless, I'd still probably put it in the top three.

Greywolfe: world of goo for gameclub, a mind forever voyaging - when i can move myself to look at the goshdarned ridiculous map that i keep getting lost in, quest for glory 3 - which - i think - will finally, actually start opening up, not shadow of mordor, lol.  i think i need to give that a bit more of a rest.  i finished off adventures of pip and attempted thomas was alone.  that worked out pretty well.  the ending of the dlc left me super sad, though.  now have to find something else.  was considering never alone, because of the little, white fox, but the more i read about it, the less i seem to think that the actual /platforming/ is good.  oh well.  we'll see :P