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Guys, I had a 13 hour workday and my brain can be compared to scrambled eggs that went through a blender. But anyway, the Mass Effect Andromeda Trial is available via EA/Origin Access and it’s exactly what I expected after the gameplay videos ...Space Age: Inquisition. So far I can’t say I like it (despite really digging DA:I for the first 40 or so hours). Too much busywork, too little actually interesting content. Maybe that will change later on, but yeah, scrambled eggs guys, don’t ask me. Has anyone else played it? If so, what’s your opinion?
Also funny animations! I would link a gif here, but again: scrambled eggs, just want to get this day behind me. Just google Mass Effect Andromeda walking or some shit. Or open Twitter.

So, what is everyone playing over the weekend?

Thomas: Probably something on the Switch, but not yet sure what. I think Binding of Isaac is out today. Bit expensive and I already managed to get a backlog on the system (Zelda, I am Setsuna and Shovel Knight Treasure Thingy) so I am not sure if I’m willing to spend the $40 on my 3rd or 4th copy of it. On the other hand: coop! And if I'm really bored on Sunday, I might even give ME:A another chance
Andrew: Breath of the Wild. Finally noticed some framerate issues on Wii U. But it was inside a building with a bunch of NPCs moving around. The game still runs great, for the most part and I'm still enjoying it quite a lot.
Cody: Same thing I Played today, Drive a lot. Hopefully more Steep if I get time.
Grey: maybe shadow of mordor? i dunno. i did an autofail stealth mission [where if you get spotted, the mission instantly fails, which is INCREDIBLY DUMB. please don't do that, developers] and so i'm kind of pausing that. as for adventures of pip and a mind forever voyaging: i've done the first time period in amfv and am about to transition to 2051. my recollection is that it gets darker and edgier the further along you go. pip, as always, is completely fun. having a great time revisiting it.
As for quest for glory 3? i /think/ i've got all the setup stuff out of the way and it's going to let me engage with the wider world, but who knows?!
Scroo: I've also been playing Shadow of Mordor and having fun with it. Probably some more Vermintide and I may also pick up Nier Automata or Styx: Shards of Darkness. Also Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Tru: Always more Final Fantasy XV, the new DLC is coming soon and they raised the level cap. But my amazing girlfriend picked me up a copy f Horizon Zero Dawn so I've been playing that.


  1. Tim Chesson says:

    Lately I’ve been on a Battlefield One kick with my friends and have had so much fun. As soon as we all get home from work and settled, that’s where we’ll be. Besides that, perhaps some more Destroy All Humans on the PS4, and the Titanfall 2 campaign on PC.

    I’m quite ready for Mass Effect to get here Tuesday.

  2. Cody Hall says:

    Yeah I have 0 interest in wasting anytime with ME:A if it’s anything like DA:I. That game is the worst thing Bioware has made by a long shot, I don’t hate it as much as ME2, but only because Inquistion is so fucking boring. All the excitement of MMO questing with no one else around, sounds great…

  3. brokedownsystem says:

    Hi…still grinding away at Let It Die. So much so, that I have little interest in Horizon: Zero Dawn at the moment. Also…Iron Fist. It’s not as bad as the reviews make it out to be.

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