WRUP Division

Time for another WRUP. On this week’s agenda: The Division

So, we finally got some more info on it, thanks to a recent press event. Graphics seem to have gotten a decent downgrade since the original reveal, especially the lighting, amount of objects on screen, ambient occlusion and whatever tech the snow uses. It’s a bit of a shame, but something I can personally deal with.
On a positive note: Ubisoft, well known for their inclusion of micro-transactions in singleplayer games like the Assassin’s Creed series, actually decided to not include them in The Division. The decision to do so must have been made recently however, at least according to an interview with GameStar during which a second developer showed up unsure about the current status.
Team play is important, with tactics like flanking becoming a necessity against stronger enemies and lone wolfs shouldn’t expect the greatest of times. On that topic: No offline mode. Like the previous Ubisoft pseudo-MMO The Crew, an internet connection is required to play.
And for everyone wondering how much of an RPG it actually is now: Very much. Enemies turn into bullet sponges if you don’t equip good enough gear, there is lots of loot and at least a somewhat deep upgrade system.

A semi-public beta will start soon for people who preordered (or won a key/bought one) and the game will be released in March. Anyone looking forward to it? If so, on what platform will you play?


Oh, wait, this is a WRUP post…almost forgot. So, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): space quest 4 is underway!  i'm so happy to be playing that after police quest 3.  it's like a breath of fresh air :) - i started up gateway once more and am forging ahead with it, too.  chronology is a game i played [and liked] last year - taking another look at it.  i'll probably be done with that very quickly and will have to find something else to replace it with.  prince of persia:  sands of time is gone and i'm playing bastion in it's stead.  not sure how i feel about it, yet.
  • Scrooloose: Still working on my new game plus in Darkisders 2, it's going a bit slower since I've gotten back in to playing Hard West as well. Those are pretty much the plan this weekend, maybe some Lethal League if I can get Yoda for a free moment or two. Looking forward to picking up my copies of the new Tomb Raider and X-Com 2 as soon as I can as well for future eye guzzling.
  • Thomas (Twitter): The occasional round of Tharsis, a basic but kinda addictive dice game which only tells its story after multiple playthroughs, bit more Dying Light and maybe I finally get back to The Witcher 3? No idea.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Just been hoping into Dirty Bomb if I find some spare time. That game continues to surprise me with depth in addition to its excellent pacing and gameplay loop. Now that I have a mod that put all the hud elements in the center I just want to play more lol
  • Trish: Phoenix Wright?
  • Dante: There's a lot in my plate at this moment. Disgaea 5, FarCry 4, Team Fortress 2, Hearthstone and most importantly Shower with your dad simulator 2015. Oh, and Rocket League, that game is just so good.