WRUP Destiny

Well Destiny 2 is out. Yoda streamed some of the beta pretty recently and it looks like it's much better than it's preceding title. Of course there's microtransaction controversy which is a plague for full priced AAA titles that's not likely to go away any time soon. I don't have it, not sure I will have it but if you're playing it let us know how it is. If you're not playing that then what are you playing?

Dr. S: won't be around this weekend, so probably some Mario & Rabbids on the Switch

Greywolfe: exploring all the stories of stories. plus, some more dream daddy - starting out on the first couple of routes from my list. larry 6 is...going. it's larry and it's terrible and i wish my eyes didn't bleed every time i played it. and, finally, more kyrandia 2. the plot twist is slowly arriving. :)

Andrew: China Warrior! (And also those games I said I was going to play last weekend but never got a chance to.)

Scrooloose: Well I finished Dawn of War III and I'm still working in Prey slowly. I also installed and started Bayonetta and I can imagine I'll enjoy it's ridiculousness quite a lot. Platinum sure knows how to make an action game.

Yoda: Gonna clock in some Rocksmith and see if I can get through a round of XCom2 without people dying lol I've also been really liking Paragon, and I may have to do a write up on it soon