WRUP-dates And Shady S***

There's stuff to get to this weekend and It's not unimportant if you've got AMD products.

It's another WRUP and this time there's actually some news you may want to pay attention to.

Let's start with a recent AMD GPU security vulnerability deep in some shader .dll files. This is something you don't want so it's recommended that you check your driver version to see that you're running at least version 2.1.1. If you're not, just make sure to hit that update button and you're good to go. If you'd rather download the package yourself you can always go to AMD's website and follow the prompts to find the latest driver suite. Of course if you're past version 20.1.1 already then you're fine and there's nothing to worry about.

More in AMD news. There have been some photos of a supposed update to the stock AMD CPU Wraith coolers floating around. At first this seems great because they show an addition of two heat pipes added to the contact plate for a total of six and that can only mean better stock cooling for your CPU. However these have been deemed counterfeit by AMD and they're currently investigating the source of the these fakes and taking action. In the meantime AMD is suggesting holding off on buying the product because there's been no official testing of these coolers and who knows what could happen if you use them.

That's not to say the coolers are specifically bad. They could be, in fact, better "stock" air coolers. But with no testing there's no reason you should trust them either. So beware of websites or person to person sales that involve Wraith coolers containing six heat pipes for some great price. So far at least that's a shady prospect.

On another subject: EA has lost the rights to it's Tetris mobile app. That means that come April 21st this year you'll no longer be able to purchase and play it. But on top of that, it will no longer work if you happen to already have the app on your device. Simply put, if you want continue to play Tetris on your phone you'll have to purchase the app again once it's release under new ownership after April 21st.

Psyonix is removing online multi-player from Rocket League if you play on Linux, Mac or SteamOS. You'll have until the big update in March to play online on those platforms. After that, your access to the online multi-player and the store will be blocked. You can still play locally in some couch co-op or single player but that'll be it. Your profile will still be there as well as your online stats etc and that's because to help compensate, Psyonix is giving out copies of a Windows version of the game for folks who will be affected. Great if you've got a Windows machine to run it on I guess. No word on if Rocket League will re-release on those prior platforms eventually or not. I would speculate there's no plan for that since the Windows copies are being handed out but, you never know. Bizarre decisions seem to be the play of the day.

Games anyone?

Yoda: This is the last weekend of the Plague Star Event in Warframe. Which only comes around every 6 months to a year, so that's what my time will be focused on doing.

AJ: Switch-in’ it up this weekend with some Cadence of Hyrule and Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Greywolfe: i picked up [and polished off] minit in the first half of the week, then struggled for a little to find something new to play. some of the games i tried had font issues, so i abandoned those. the game i picked - rebel galaxy - ALSO has font issues, but i discovered that if i ran it in a giant resolution and also scaled the windows fonts that it's readable and that works. i'm also knee deep in police quest four. it is an abysmal game with an abysmal message. but it's sierra and i'm trying to play as many of those games as i can. so...there you go. i'm also streaming the last little bit of plants vs zombies this week. and that's my lot in life right now, gaming wise.

Tru: Well, work was tough this week, and being a teacher I've got grading. But I'm gonna take some time to play more Warframe. Maybe go back and try to finish Control as well... Or more Death Stranding.

Scroo: I'm not actually sure what I'm doing this weekend. Could be busy, could be quiet. If I can play games I think I may be getting footage for one or two more MechWarrior 5 highlights but otherwise I feel it's time to move on. I guess I'll just have to see what else suits me before I make a decision.


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