An on-time WRUP? What the hell is going on?!

Even worse: There is a giveaway hidden in this one too!

Humble has been doing the secret monthly gaming bundle thing now for a while and this month it’s headlined by Mad Max. Since I already own that however, I decided to give it away to one of you lucky bastards. Just leave a comment including the words “ALL HAIL OUR GLORIOUS LEADER DR. S! MAY HE RULE OUR DREAMS AND HEARTS FOREVER!” and what you are playing over the weekend, for a chance to win.

Winner will be selected at random, no purchase necessary, prize cannot be exchanged for money or whatever, last day of entry is Sunday May 1st 2016, the prize is a Humble gift link to the PC version of Mad Max and probably requires a Humblebundle.com registration, yadda yadda yadda. This is also in no way affiliated with Humble, Warner Brothers, your dog, or any other 3rd party. Winner will be notified on May 2nd via this comment section (direct reply to the winning comment).

That should cover it. Good luck to all 2 of you who will probably take part and if you don’t win, you still have a couple of days to get the Humble Monthly yourself.


So, what’s everyone playing over the weekend?

  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): bye, hearthstone!  i sort of liked you, but blizzard refuses to sell old content so i'm out.  i'm also applying my last ever time card to world of warcraft, because blizzard's reaction to the nostalrius saga has been pretty dire.  spore's winding down.  i've got my space ship, but i'm not quite at the space stage yet.  gateway is winding down, i literally have one more mission to do and then it'll be over.  king's quest six...should really be picked up again.  haha.  i've been terrible with that game :( - so i need to start thinking of finding new games to replace those with.  also.  thanks to the folks at twinstiq, i'm pursuing a super secret project that'll probably drive me c'thulu levels of insane.  thanks, guys.  i love you lots also.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Well Epic invited me to check out Paragon over their stress test weekend in the coming days so look out for more Beta preview videos from me!
  • Thomas (Twitter): Probably some Severed and as soon as I’m back home, I’ll probably put some more time into Alienation, because daaaaamn, that’s good. Sony got a lot of shit for not delivering exclusives, but right now they are on it. Ratchet & Clank and Alienation are both amazing, Uncharted 4 will probably scratch that AAA itch and even the Vita got a great title in the form of Severed, a quite unique dungeon-crawler from Drinkbox, the studio behind Tales from Space and Guacamelee!
    PS: Grey is an idiot. Hearthstone is better than ever now, despite not being able to buy old cards
  • Andrew (12/12 Games): I am hoping to take my son to see the Ratchet & Clank movie. If so, I'll probably be picking up the game as well.
  • Scroo: Probably just more Dark Souls 3 for me. The review article is done and will hopefully make it live soon. Starting new game plus this weekend so I can do it all over again.
  • Ham (our new addition to the team): hey everyone, i'll be playing some paragon this weekend for the exp
  • Dante: I think I'll try Ether One for my Cinco de Mayo.