WRUP: ARyse, #4if

I'm your weekly neighbourhood Greywolfe and we're going to go to the WRUP Bush City Limits.

As some of you might be aware, this is the beginning of February.  Lots of people think that this is a time for loooovveeee, but they're completely wrong.  Instead, it's Four In February time.

Some of us have written posts about our intentions, so I won't tell you about that, instead, let me tell you about ROME!

And the EMPEROR!

And the many QTE's.  Lol.  There are SO, SO many.  [Mainly for finishing moves, but eh.  They're there.]

Otherwise, Rome's quite beautiful, even if it is one super long corridor.  Plus, those death animations.  Man!  They're grisly.

So now you know some of what I'm playing.  Let's look at what everyone else is doing:

Andrew:  Working on my #4if. Attempting to make progress in Catherine and Sky Force.

Yoda:  Also working on my #4if. Currently working through Aragami.

Scrooloose:  Haven't started 4if yet officially. Started up Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, been enjoying it even if it's a bit slow. Playing Invisible Inc. for Game Club. Not much else happening though.

greywolfe (twitter, youtube):  i am back hooray!  #4if:  ryse:  son of rome.  this is basically FINAL ROMAN ADVENTURE 13!  it's one, straight, long corridor.  apart from that:  picking up quest for glory 3 again, [after, like, six months or something] finishing off saint's row 3 [for good, i believe.  i've just got four more missions and a small bunch of side stuff]  i'm also making my way through primordia again [and loving that to bits.] - after ryse - because i think i'm going to knock it off the list pretty quickly, i'll probably start broken age.  my expectations are SUPER DUPER LOW because of the kickstarter mess + tim schafer.

DrS:  Please kill me and end my suffering.  (editor's note:  that's not really a game, DrS.  :P)

trulegendkiller:  Only thing I've played recently is some Final Fantasy XV. Their Chocobo Event is going on.

How about you?

How's your four in february going, if you're playing along.  If you're not, tell us about what games you're planning to relax with, this weekend.