WRUP Again

Well unless you've been under a rock that doesn't have Wifi access you've probably seen the new AMD CPU and GPU releases. They seem pretty promising if you ask me. Intel is still winning the race in terms of total performance in some cases but AMD has definitely brought a competitor this time. The same goes for the Navi, GPU's. They may be mid-range video cards but they're looking great, even adding their own image sharpening to the mix in a simple, on or off, setting in the drivers. The blower cooler is still loud and for some reason restricted in terms of air flow. This means the cards run pretty hot. In the 90's C, in fact. When my old 390X started running at 90 C, it was time to change the thermal paste.

I figure if you were to take that shroud off of the new 5700 series and just cut the curved bit of plastic behind the blower fan then it would be allowed to draw air through that faux vent on the back. That would probably help some and keep the noise down a bit. Or you could just wait a little while and just get a release from the board partners that are coming fairly soon.

MSI, has said that they'll even be releasing new versions of old motherboards to better support the Ryzen 3000, CPU's. They'll go all the way back to A320 with supposed full support. That could be pretty great for folks who don't want to spend ~$200 for an X570 chip set. Especially if they're not utilizing PCIE 4.0 with big Raid or NAS setups that use all those lanes. They'll be released under the "Max" line when they come along.

Anyway, Games and all That

AJ: Just picked up the Arcade (Archives) version of Ninja Spirit, one of my all-time favorite TurboGrafx games. It’s kind of amazing how faithful Irem’s ports were on that system. Anyway, I’ll be playing a good amount of that, and probably also some Forza Horizon 2.

Greywolfe: it's wrup time!  which means it's time to talk about all the games i'm not playing.  lol.  so.  i haven't played assassin's creed:  origins in two weeks now.  i don't know how the ac faithful do it, but a game a year seems crazy to me, now, given what i know about the franchise and how it works.  also have been bad about playing etherlords 2.  every time i boot it up, i look down the barrel of a bunch of awful trick decks and it makes me instantly quit.  but i've been keeping [slowly] at technobabylon, at least.  so there's that.  going to try and play more of that this weekend.

Yoda: I um. Put off Warframe for too long. I almost regret picking it back up. Not because it's bad. Quite the opposite. But now Warframe will absolutely be the only game I play over the weekend, and maybe even for the rest of my life...

Scroo: I picked up ReCore on the summer sale and it's pretty generic but also kind of cute and fun so I'll be working on that. I may also install Sekiro since I picked that up as well. Other than that I'll be working at home and I'm applying for a new real life job that seems promising, so I'm sure I'll be nervous and brain wracked about that.



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