Good weekend, everyone. Time for another WRUP.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be with us in just a few days now and I'm excited to play it. I wish I could get a new GPU for it, but that's life I guess. Eventually I will... eventually. Some folks who had pre-orders with Best Buy already (and mistakenly) have their collector's edition copies to play early. CDP Red have come under fire for crunch time and delays and so on and while I don't think they deserve a pass for crunch time I do think the delays are the right move if they feel the need. We want a finished product and not a broken, buggy mess. The day one patch is supposed to be nearly 60GB and holy crap that's a big ass patch, but hopefully that means it's taking care of a ton of potential issues before they rear their ugly heads. CDP Red has also made the first Witcher game free on GoG in the meantime so go grab that because free is free and that's great.

Have a great weekend everyone.

What are we playing?

Yoda: 6 days away from having a GPU with all its io working lolTill then ima keep blowing up Astroids and asshole pirates in Elite Dangerous, which is getting a space legs update next year and that'll be fucking awesome

Greywolfe: magic! and i'm also streaming earthlock. which has a very dumb desert section where it's "very hot" so your characters have to move from piece of overhead shade to piece of overhead shade. which is incredibly stupid and just a maze with another name. don't like it. going to be playing that section with a walkthrough for sure.

Scrooloose: Ac Valhalla is still rolling and I'm still really enjoying it. It's daily quest system has some flaws in that they aren't varied enough, which is making them a little tedious, but at least they're quick. Still playing Deep Rock Galactic a lot with friends and I started Star Wars: Squadrons. Squadrons is fun but man the dialogue is so flat and it panders way too much to the player. It's also one sided, you have no voice. And as far as multiplayer goes, there is no option to make a private game. So if you have less than a 5 v 5 team you will have to be paired with randos on the internet, even just to fight AI bots. I find this exceedingly stupid. I want to play and have fun with my friends, not be yelled at for not going fast enough to get to the next match, or because I'm not doing something right etc. Hopefully we'll have a full squad soon enough but it'll likely run into the Cyberpunk 2077 release and that will be taking over play time pretty exclusively.

AJ: December is space/Star Wars month for me and, like Scroo, I will also be playing some Star Wars: Squadrons (but I haven’t actually started it up yet). I may also revisit Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order.


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