Man, you guys, I went on one of the best hikes I've taken in quite a long time earlier this week and I'm not soon to forget it. I consider myself lucky to live where I do and have places like this so close by to run to end enjoy pretty much whenever I feel like it. Plus, good company helps to share it with. Okay so it's WRUP day and there are some things happening I suppose besides thinking about a brisk day on a granite dome around nine thousand feet in the local mountains.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is here and I think it looks pretty cool. Sort of a Souls-like but with the force. I won't get to play it right away, I just have a lot happening outside games lately with work, and holidays coming up and all that jazz. But I'm sure someone around here is going to be getting down on it and I'm curious to hear about what they think. Let us know how you're enjoying it, or not.

The Messenger is free on Epic Games Store this week and it's really fun. A nod to Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man and maybe even a little Castlevania thrown in. Terminator: Resistance also seems like it may be a bit of a gem in the shooter world. I know very little of it but at $40.00 it might be worth checking out.

And I'm sure there's more happening out there in world of games but I'm still on a high from my aforementioned hike this week. Happy birthday to all of us November babies as well.

What's everyone playing?

Tru: Well I've been playing Daemon x Machina on Switch. But I may need to take a break as I picked up Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I've been really looking forward to it. I won't have much time this weekend but every second I have I'll be playing.

Yoda: Well Warframe obviously. But in addition to the only game that really matters I'll also be playing some games that don't quite matter as much. Name Jedi-Fallen Order (Cuz Star Wars Dark souls, I'm down)And as a Birthday present to myself I finally grabbed MGSV: The Phantom Pain for pretty cheap. Used of course, because fuck Konami.

AJ: Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order and Halo 5: Guardians.

Scroo: I would also Like to get Jedi Fallen Order but I think I'm going to wait a bit. Probably I'm going to check out The Messenger since it's free on Epic this week and I'm sure I'll play more Borderlands 3. All of this depends on work really, but evenings should allow for games.

Grey: this week was a week where i didn't get any gaming done at all.  mom ended up in hospital and i ended up looking after her and now i'm just exhausted.  about the only things i'm planning on doing this weekend are running the pair of titan quest streams.  and that's about it.  but other stuff will return on monday as things go back to normal.

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