Last night was a birthday party. Hopefully someone with their head screwed on straight will write a better WRUP and replace this one...

I might be getting Camaro to rebuild so that's potentially exciting. Gonna go look at it today.

What are you guys playing this weekend?

Andrew: Been replaying some Shenmue and Red Dead Redemption, getting ready for the big sequels coming up. Also Football Frenzy on the Switch. In addition, I just picked up Yakuza Kiwami 2, but I’ll have to wait and see whether I actually get around to that one yet or not.

Yoda: Elex has its claws in me so deep…..

Scroo: Still going strong in Monster Hunter World. Hopefully I'll get the chance to try out the Bogenhafen expansion for Vermintide 2 finally. Just been hard to coordinate with friends for that so far. And yeah I'm still fairly happy with No Man's Sky Next.

Dr. S: Yeah he's busy or something, so I'm gonna guess some Sakura game or another.

Tru: Some classic Connect Four in the kitchen with his cousin Ray. Ray happens to be totally blind but that's never stopped him before and he excels at board games that have a tactile feel. But how will he do with the colors of those little black and red disks when he can't see them? Does he have a memory as eidetic as his sense of touch? Can he remember based on his starting color and placement of game pieces where his and his opponents' lie? We'll just have to wait and see how this riveting tale concludes, next week on the WRUP! ... Or something like that I don't know, that's a guess. Haven't seen him in a while.

Grey: the internet went away! so i got sucked into playing more cat quest, because that's about the only game that i could play without the internet. that and a little bit of quest for glory 4 and also some magic: the gathering [the microprose version] - i didn't really get anywhere further with yono, but now that the internet is back again, i will certainly finish it up.



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