Wrup 3

Wow, it’s already been a year since the last E3.

Video games are sooo great. Can’t wait for all the amazing new video games from Electronic Arts and Ubisoft and Bethesda and …sorry, I don’t have it in me right now. I have a tooth that’s killing me and I should probably go to the dentist, but fucking dentists… Nobody likes dentists! Dentists most likely don’t even like themselves. I mean, who thinks “Oh gosh, I love teeth sooo much, I think I want to be a dentist when I grow up!”

Nobody thinks that!

They think “I’m a useless piece of shit and people are always picking on me. I think I’ll become a dentist and show them what pain feels like! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

Anyway E3. If I was responsible for Sony PR, I would totally announce or at least tease a new PlayStation for 2019 and completely shit all over Project Scorpio. Sure, it would be bad business, but I AM IN PAIN AND I WANT TO SEE THE INDUSTRIE BURN!!!!


Anyway, what is everyone playing in the build up to the press conferences, aka. over the weekend?


Thomas: Stuff on the Switch.

Wolfe: quest for glory 3 magic grinding is done!  now for physical grinding, yay!  [and then back to the actual game i go] - i've hit the wall with sm3dw.  i'm not willing to put it down, but i'm doing the last toad house and that's 30 stars and is set up in the WORST way possible.  [if you fail, you go right back to star 1 and have to start from scratch...even if you're on star 30.]  i'm also some of the way through costume quest and will be picking that up again shortly.  and no, i haven't abandoned a mind forever voyaging.  i must just summon the will to finish it off.  😝

Scroo: Probably not a lot for me this weekend. More Vermintide for sure, and again I might pick up The Surge because I flagged on it last time. Hopefully we'll get Game Club done this week as well since life got in the way last weekend.

AJ: Injusticia Dos. Me gusta mucho.

Cody: Reins! (he probably meant something else, because that sounds like a fake-german porn game and I couldn’t find it anywhere, but hey…)

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  1. Tim Chesson says:

    Still wrapped up in GTA V for some reason. Playing the story again on the PC and the X1, and playing it online with a couple of friends on the X1. I plan to get back to my AC: Rogue game too; starting to feel the urge to wrap that story up and move on to buying Prey.

    And speaking of buying things, I grabbed the Morrowind expansion for ESO. Still not crazy about Elder Scrolls as an MMO, but a friend of mine is going through a rough time and wants us to play this together. Plus I wanna see how well they cater to my nostalgia.

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