Wooohooo, time for a WRUP.

We got some new information on the Nintendo NX. According to the fucking (Pay-)Wall(ed) Street Journal… You know what? Let’s talk about this bullshit instead, Nintendo news gets its own piece. It’s Rant time.

I’m all for gated content, nothing wrong with that. Journalism is expensive, as least real one, not the Buzzfeed shit that’s been taking over the internet, well, mostly Facebook/Twitter. And since Ads don’t pay anymore, you need to finance your stuff somehow. But don’t gate-away news that only concerns a small amount of your usual readership. How many of the potential readers of this piece are WSJ subscribers? Some of those could be potential future subscribers, but not if they come to your site and see that they would have to pay a $30/month sub to read what they came for. Their reaction is: fuck that, close. That’s not how you win over new readers, just piss of people who then continue to piss on your bourgeois little oasis on their little working-class blog.


But what’s everyone playing?


  • Andrew (Twitter): I'm going to try out Resident Evil 4 & Resident Evil Revelations on Steam.
  • Billy: What will I be playing this weekend? Studying for a Software Developer interview and brushing up on my Data Structures as well as working on an essay for my computer security class. What are video games again?
  • Dante: Hearthstone, TF2 and Yoshi's New Island.
  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): hearthstone's tavern brawl is horrible, it can die in a fire.  it's everything bad about the game wrapped up in one awful four day stretch of terribleness.  so that.  and rex nebular.  very close to the end of that game.  plus some inca.  very near the end of that game, too.  [not looking forward to the last battle at all.] - police quest three is just going to keep police questing.  apart from that i am totally loving banjo kazooie.  i'm in mad monster mansion :)
  • Scrooloose: As always, Rocket league for me. Also probably play a bit of Destination Sol, that's been pretty fun.
  • Steve: Gotta raise that Light level in Destiny! Also the RNG-fest that is this weeks brawl in Hearthstone is equal parts maddening and hilarious.
  • Thomas (Twitter): Mount & Blade for work, but I will probably return for same Skate 2 (Where is my Skate 4/remaster EA? WHERE?!) and maybe finish Undertale
  • Trish (Twitch): I'm still in my simulation mood so it'll be don't starve and prison architect for me for the weekend
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Just saw grey goo is on sale, might finally give it a go. More Dota because yum. And maybe stream some classic ghost recon :P