Weird Yellow Console WRUP

Happy Saturday everyone. It's Memorial weekend over here in the states so I'm sure folks are gearing up for the extra time off and planning trips to the lake and weekend warrior projects etc. I, myself, am probably going to finally be finishing a rebuild of the deck here at home. Believe me it needs it, can't even walk on a lot of it any more. And before I let it slide by, from all of us here - Thanks to all the past and present military service men and women who have and still do serve the country. Stay strong out there.

I'll probably be playing a video game or two as well in my free time, and speaking of that - I finally got my rambling opinion video up on the LP channel for Rage 2. Click on this word if you'd like to watch that. Keep in mind it is a rambling video so my commentary is sort of spotty. But you'll get my point I think.

Hey, did you guys this silly black and white hand held console from Panic? It's called, Playdate, and it has a crank on the side... so you know, hello black and white fishing games amirite? Anyway, it's weird, look at it. It looks just like if a banana were made of a plastic square, had a black and white screen and a crank was added to the side in order to play games. Unbelievable. Uncanny I tell you. Panic says it'll have new releases every week for a while to fill a game library, and those games are included in the price of the console. So I mean that's cool. It might give us old schoolers a new-old monochrome Gameboy feel, I suppose. I have to say I'm little curious about it even though it's silly and seems impractical with that crank. Just like a banana. A very impractical fruit if I do say so. Virtually every banana I've ever seen has had the crank broken off of it. Probably from leaving it a pocket and sitting down on the train. I'm telling you it blows my mind the choices people make sometimes.


Greywolfe: so, i finished wandersong. wandersong is sweet and genuine and colorful and heartwarming. if you're even remotely interested, you should absolutely pick it up and play it. and play it through to the end. i also got and played refunct. refunct is short and ok, but has awful achievements. [do this in eight minutes. ok, now four.] i hate speedrunning achievements. they're the worst. i've been slacking off [a lot] on quest for glory 4, beneath a steel sky and etherlords 2, so i really should be going back to those. problem is, now that i've finished refunct and wandersong, i have an itch to play...something else. i dunno what, though.

AJ: Rage 2 and Team Sonic Racing

Scroo: Grim Dawn has it's hooks in me again with the Forgotten Gods expansion, so I'll be in that often I'm sure. Still, for some reason, playing Division 2. I still hesitate to call it good. But even though the writing and story and voice acting aren't great, it does do the looter-shooter thing really well. Rage 2 is done and well... it sure is done.

Yoda: Gnna be building some more adventures in the GM mode for Divinity. It's so much fun.

Tru: Mortal Kombat 11. A lot of it. So much of it. Also some more of Yoshi's Crafted World.

Dr.S: ...Is, as science has absolutely proven to be fact and not at all something I've made up here on the spot, lost to the sands of time and may never be seen or heard from again. Or science could just be a little over dramatic about it. Who's to say, really? Are you a scientist? You don't know.

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